[REQ] Cosmo's Custard by Moon Mountain

I have been trying to clone this stuff for over 6 months and just can’t figure it out. I was content with continued “trial & error” efforts and occasionally buying a bottle for comparing but with the FDA crap coming; I think I better ask for help before it’s too late.

Cosmo’s Custard is my most loved flavor and the only premium ejuice I still buy. IT’S DELICIOUS! I hope someone here has tried it and can help me identify the flavors. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I’m running out of ideas…

I have tried over a hundred different combinations using…

CAP VC1&2,
FA Custard
FW Vanilla Custard
FLV Vanilla Custard
TFA Vanilla Custard
Several caramels
a couple different butterscotch’s and a ton of different vanillas

…but still haven’t found a match… Please help if you can.

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Never had it
But I feel you
Did the same
I have one I tried to clone just can’t figure it out
A custard also
For me I just went with the cap custard and DDL fw or tpa French Vanilla, EMI mix
The FW DDL is really good to me
The collosus from cyclops vapors is very unique sweetness
That is the one I have tried to clone

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Let’s get the forensics ball rolling. First, that stuff’s got a fair amount of diketones …not surprising for a Custard, but it offers clues. Predictably, those additional flavors are also adding to the diketone bounty, as opposed to even trying to use a V2 or DX anything …delicious yummy acetoin.

Recently my steeping box suffered a premature Custard birth, a “Grants Custard” clone after 3 weeks. This has been a rock solid custard …holding up in the dripper mixed with other casual pairings… makes everything good. I failed to record the source but it’s likely @BoyHowdy 's Grants Peanut Butter Custard minus the PB …same %s as my eJuice entry. I added 1% EM instead of the peanut butter.

I haven’t tried Cosmo’s Custard …I’ll look for a local retailer. Plenty of “reviews” on their site (and from you!) that this is the best Custard vape hands down …I’m in. I don’t intend to divert your REQ to Grant’s Custard, I only mean I found it interesting all it’s ingredients (recipe above) are tagged with DA/AP warnings …Capella’s New York CheeseCake and Bavarian Cream (favorites!). Did we find a possible DA/AP fit for Cosmo’s CG/MS analysis?

I have to say those two ingredients make solid adds custard-wise, yet rarely found in the Grants Custard Clone search result recipes Have you tried these two flavors? …and @daath 's Dulche De Leche for the caramel (creamier!)

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Hmm… lets see… I’ve tried DDL TFA but not the FW version (I may need to check that out)

I’ve also used French Vanilla CAP, French Vanilla TFA and French Vanilla Cream TFA but don’t think they are present in Cosmo’s Custard.

When I first started trying to clone the stuff, I was making blends with multiple vendor flavorings. After much research, I realized that “leaked” premium juice recipes are usually single vendor blends like…

1.5% Butter Cream (CAP)
0.5% Graham Cracker v1 (CAP)
0.5% New York Cheesecake (CAP)
1.5% Sweet Cream (CAP)
8.5% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
1% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP)
3% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)

…This makes sense because I highly doubt that major mixers are going to file purchasing contracts for multiple vendors. So… I started trying the same approach.

I know Cosmo’s isn’t made from CAP flavors cause CAP VC1 & VC2 both taste like burnt tires to me and I can taste it in even factional amounts in anything I’ve ever used it in.

I then started trials with TFA flavors but still couldn’t get close.

Next I tried FA flavors and actually came pretty close but can’t get past the citric note in their custard so I doubt that FA is the key.

I’m currently working with FW flavors and it’s looking promising. I just began testing with their Vanilla Butternut and it smells very similar to Cosmo’s. Maybe I’m getting close…Maybe FW DDL is the key…Maybe I’ll finally figure this out…Or maybe you’ll see me on the 6 o’clock news running naked through the streets after pulling all my hair out…


The only difference in tpa and FW
To me is a little less chocolate
It just a change for me on my VC mix
As for vendors using on one source
I am no proffesional at mixing by far
I don’t think that is necessarily true
I just gave up on cloning my vendors VC and made my own
Maybe I will try again one day