[REQ] Cowboy Cooler by Vape Wild

Please help clone this liquid

Its a complex berries mix with menthol smack.
Thank You!

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Please, it’s very important for me.

I can vaping only this liquid now.
I didnt try berries like that before.

Thank You!

I’d start with something like FA Forest Fruit/Forest Mix, TPA Strawberry (Ripe), and a bit of Menthol, koolada, and/or Extreme Ice FW.

There are some recipes on ELR that you might see if you can use to start with.


Thank You very much!

I mixed divine liquid!
Maybe even better than CC, it’s awesome!

Can’t stop vaping. Yummy!


Awesome! I’m so glad that you got something you love! Making something better than what you wanted is always great, and it happens a lot. You really ran with it and made an awesome looking juice! Thanks for coming back and posting your results. :slightly_smiling:

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I love cowboy cooler it’s been my ADV since it came out