[REQ] CRFT Trail Mix

Hi, this is my first post and hope I am doing correctly. I packed up smoking a few years ago and at that time my ADV was Trail Mix from CRFT. Unfortunately, since the TPD regulations, we have not been able to purchase it here in the UK.

Can anybody help me, I have tried mixing this without any success? It is advertised as “Sweet and savory mix of nuts and berries, topped off with a dollop of fluffy cream”.

Does anybody know of a recipe that sounds the same?


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You’re nearly there… I adjusted the title and moved it to e-liquids > clones for you.
You’re already giving some good information but there’s still a little missing. Have a quick search through the database for “clone request” and you’ll find some good guidelines to get help in the most efficient way.

Don’t get your hopes up too much, 1:1 clones are nearly non-existing, but that doesn’t mean something similar, something good or even better can turn up.
I’m not really into nut mixes, so I don’t think I can be of much help further.

Post some things you’ve tried that didn’t work, flavors that you do recognize, strength of the flavor, sweetness, top notes, back notes… the better your description is, the better people here can help you out (and there are some pretty awesome mixers around here).

And by the way, it’s not because of the TPD that this juice is not available anymore. Even in the US it’s been retired… ratings on this site weren’t fantastic either.

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Thank you Suomynona, I’ll give your suggestions a try.