[REQ] Cuttwood Mega Melons

I want to create this e liquid right here: http://www.cloudcig.co.uk/product/mega-melons-16-5ml-bottle/ its the best eliquid I have ever tasted and want to create similar!

Please help lol
Thanks :slight_smile:

Try one of these:



Thanks man :slightly_smiling:

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I too like Mega Melons (after trying it once) and use this recepie:

Mikes Melons (Cuttwood Monster Melon Clone) :

5% Cantaloupe (TPA)
5% Mango (TPA)
5% Papaya (TPA)

Flavor total: 15%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/10PZ

With the whole Cuttwood and Capella connection thing that is talked about I thing this is pretty close. Let it steep though. 2 weeks if you can wait.



I use this recipe and its bang on really really nice credit to the creator


Could not be any more simple either. 3 ingredients at 5% each. Bang!

I don’t have any of those flavors, but I can’t imagine it not being a good juice with all FA ingredients. Gonna try this one.

If using all FA maybe a bit of Vienna cream or fresh cream may pull it all together or give a dance floor for the flavors to play on.

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Hi. This is one of my favourites. I’m wanting to make this for a first go myself. Any chance anybody could recommend a uk site where I can get all the concentrates and starter kit, as the sites I’ve looked at may sell one flavour but not the others. Many thanks in advance.

I mixed this up thinking it was going to be a bust. To my surprise, it was a very nice vape. Really freshens the mouth up lol. Not too sweet nor candyish. It’s good.