[REQ] Cuttwood Mr. Fritter

Looking for a decent recipe to cuttwood Mr fritter.
Or something close or very similar.
I’ve vaped Cutwood Mr fritter and honestly it’s amazing…
replicating this or even something similar or close to this Cutwood Mr Fritter would be awesome.
There only seems to be about two clone recipes for Mr fritter that I could find when typed Cuttwood Mr fritter clone in Google.
This clone recipe found.

Close to a Cutwood Mr fritter vape would be amazing.

Will this clone recipe I found for Mr fritter be close or not to the original.?
I kinda don’t think so.
All the ingredients used in this recipe is all TFA flavours and supposedly
Cuttwood uses Capella flavours from the leak of unicorn milk.

I don’t have TFA Pancake or TFA Tart Granny smith apple flavour to make this recipe.

I’m going to put a order in for these two missing ingredients, pancake and tart granny smith to make this recipe.
Is TFA Cinnamon Danish, TFA Pancake,
TFA Bavarian Cream really going to be the make all fritter flavour found in Cutwwood Mr fritter?
Aswell as the combination of,
TFA Tart Granny smith, TFA Tart Green apple, TFA Dragonfruit, TFA Quince and TFA cinnamon Spice
Is that really going to hit the mark or even be close to the apple flavour found in Mr fritter.?

Any information or ideas regarding replicating Cuttwoods Mr Fritter.?

is TFA even in Cuttwood recipes.?
This clone I found on the internet is all TFA flavours.
Think I’m probably going to be disappointed when I buy TFA pancake and TFA Tart granny smith apple thinking these are the secret ingredients that I’m missing and I’m still not getting even close to the original.

Put your two bobs in I’d love to know and learn more about this amazing flavour of Cuttwoods Mr Fritter…
until I get my two missing ingredients and mix it myself and most likely be pissed off cause I’m still way off the original but still hoping it will be close or similar.
Any ideas or suggestions on replicating Mr Fritter will be much appreciated.


I would probably go in a different direction. I just looked up “fritter” and brought up the most most highly rated and ran across this

I know it doesn’t say anything about it being a Cuttwood clone but it looks like a better base to springboard off of.

For my taste I would cut the Fuji in half and reduce the CDS some and take the Joy out all together. Replace joy with an apple pie filling or a doughy type flavoring.

Not sure if that helps but the recipe you posted looks horrid.