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[REQ] Cutwood's Bird Brains Clone

Just getting into DIY and my juice guinea pig (also supervisor lol) has asked me repeatedly to find a recipe for Cuttwood’s Bird Brains but my search efforts have been fruitless. If anyone has a clone recipe/link I would greatly appreciate any help!

Thanks folks!


This is the best one I found. Try searching on the recipe page for others.


Okay, I’ll give it a shot. Should’ve mentioned that I have searched for a clone on multiple occasions (rule 1: search THEN post lol), I had seen that one but the last comment on it deterred me a little. I appreciate it and if anyone else has any input please feel free to jump in!


i m a huge cereal vape fan and i cant imagine the recipe above will work especially gor cuttwoods bird brain which has a bready almost like tpa AP exhale , here is what i have come to realize that clones are tough i tried and tried and tried to get a looper or bird brain recipe then i found @Alisa loopy cereal v2 and it satisfied any craving for a fruit cereal vape at 2 weeks steep its ready but if you could let it go a month its a real treat


If I can shoot you in the right direction I would live to help.

Look for FW: Fruity Flakes. This is like bottom of the bag fruity pebbles. This plus Bavarian Cream FW will get you close. Then tweak to your liking. Add fruit loops if you want too for a different flavor.

My favorite:
Just the cereal part:
FW Fruity Flakes 3%
TFA Lucky Leprechaun 2%

Add a cream base to this for a game over clone:
FW Bavarian Cream .5%
FW Vanilla Custard .5%
FW Milk .5%
FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream .5%

That should give you guys a real good cereal to try.


Really appreciate it, finishing up a big ol order as we speak :smirk:


There is Cuttwood’s liquid that can be used for this recipe. But it’s better to see what it looks like in person to replicate the process.

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