[REQ] Dark Star Vapour- Hypnos

(Dark Star Vapour- Hypnos)

*Because this has been discontinued I am adding a screenshot of a description.

kind of upset…… i usually order a bottle shot from a company, it’s an Italian cheesecake
(classic cheesecake bursting with vanilla, strawberry and lime)

the problem is they’ve discontinued it.

so was wondering if anyone had the recipe for it???

i know the obvious of what flavours i need but no 100% on the percentages id need to mix it.

thanks in advance


Are you looking for an actual clone of the one shot (if so it would probably be helpful to share the brand :wink: ) or just a recipe that’s similar? If the latter, I’d recommend finding a popular cheesecake recipe and tweak it from there. Here’s one that is highly rated that you could adapt.

If I was mixing this for myself, I’d probably omit the sweet cream and sub in about .5-1% FA custard, and then add around .75-1% Inw shisha vanilla or 1.5% TPA french vanilla deluxe (or what the hell, maybe both) and FA lime tahity cold pressed around .5-.75% as a starting point.


omg how have i missed this all???
sorry guys i know I’m very late but to be honest i don’t know what happened just totally forgot!!!
yes to this day I’m yet to find the recipe for italian cheesecake
it was by the company darkstar


Had to go searching for the name and info, so I settled it here for you (you know, in case you’re actually still looking to make this). :grinning:


yes i am, and yes thats the one (screen shot) thanks Silhouette :kissing_heart: