[REQ] Donutman H.O.F

Hi all, I am in love with Donutman H.O.F. and it has been discontinued on the most webshops. Anyway, I have been trying to mix it myself, but without success. I just can get/guess the flavors!! Its makin me crazy, since I am puffing my last bottle :frowning: Has anybody tried this liquid before and has any clue for me just to get in the right direction?


HOF E-Liquid - Donutman Specifications
Flavor Base: Donut, Strawberry, Glaze
VG / PG Ratio: 70 VG / 30 PG

Donutman is Kilo E-Liquid’s contribution to the HOF E-Liquid advocacy. This savory pastry donut is filled with freshly ripped strawberries while covered in sweet sugary glaze frosting. The primary profile includes a not overly doughy donut with light notes of strawberries on the inhale and exhale.


@Mark_Turner Hi and thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I’ve tried a lot of donut/strawberry/raspberry mixes but nothing even comes close to Donutman…

But thanks!

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The description says, “Decadent glazed donut treat stuffed to the brim with ripe strawberries.”

I haven’t tried the juice but I’ve been working on some donut flavors, so maybe this will point you in the right direction.

Zeppola (fa) is a fluffy donut with glaze and fried taste, I’d try this for sure.

1 part joy (fa), 1 part meringue (fa), 2.5 parts sugar cookie (cap) makes a nice powdered sugar donut. Could possibly add some cream to moisten the powdered sugar effect.

Paczki (sc) (rf) is a red berry filled donut, heavy on the filling and very light on the dough. You could try combining it with one of the above options to bump the dough up. I’d add some strawberry on top as well, probably red touch (fa) and/or sb ripe (tpa).

If I was to mix a recipe off the top of my head I’d probably try something like this:

Zeppola (fa) 2%
Joy (fa) .25%
Meringue (fa) .25%
Sugar cookie (cap) .65%
Fresh cream (fa) .25%
Paczki (sc)(rf) 1%
Red touch (fa) 1-2%

Just a wild guess though. :wink:


What are some things you’ve tried so far?

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HI @VapeyMama

thanks for your hints! Paczki is new to me… have to check it out.

Haven’t gotten Red Touch or Meringue in my supply yet, but I will soon.

My last try was (and it didnt tast anything near Donutman) :

2ml zeppola
2m strawberry ripe
2ml sweet straw
0,05 rasberry
0,1 vape wizard
0,1 joy

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Imo meringue is a must-have to use with joy to turn it into a donut rather than a yeasty beer flavor.
Look for @InsigmaTheory’s Geography - French Quarter clone. I’d recommend trying that and see if it brings you anywhere near what you’re looking for.

Or, here’s an adaptation I did with it if you’re interested:


Thanks again @VapeyMama !

I’ll give Strawberry Geography a try and write you back as soon as possible!

Gotta order Meringe now :slight_smile:


Can’t find Paczki anywhere to order… where do you get it from @VapeyMama?


I ordered it straight from Real Flavors.


Got it now from here https://www.rainbowvapes.co.uk/ … can’t afford ordering from the us :wink:


Do you know any recipes with Paczki?


Scroll down and click “recipes”.
Looks like there are only four that are public… two are mine. lol


Wow nice, thanks! You got a few flavors ey :smiley:


A couple…lol