[REQ] Dr. Crimmys Berry Crunch

Hey hey!
I’m trying to clone Dr Crimmys Berry Crunch with sweet cream and can’t seem to nail it. Been searching everywhere and doesn’t look like there is a clone out there. Obvious flavours would be Berry Crunch (TFA) and Sweet Cream (TFA) but my test batch isn’t working out.

Current recipe…

8% Berry Crunch TFA
4% Sweet Cream TFA

Completed one day sitting in cupboard and about 5 hours in a ultrasonic. Had a few shakes between cycles too. Temp set at 50 degrees Celsius.

Any help would be awesome!

I’ve never had the juice you are trying to clone but try this recipe. Breakfast at Teleos clone It utilizes the 2 flavors you want to use and its wonderful!!

You also might try some of these for inspiration. It sounds a lot like Captain Crunch Berries.

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