[REQ] Dr. Fog All-Stars - Dragon Tang

Has anybody a good idea to clone this juice?

The clostest I have found was the recipe below but Dragon Tang is despite being with sweet cream still with some tartness.

It’s the new favorite of my son and he comes to visit us as soon as the travel bam stops. I would like to surprise him with a good mix.

Thank you for looking into it!


Dragon fruit and freshly squeezed tangerine juice blended with the perfect amount of sweet cream

Id suggest work with what flavors you have… or go buy all the sweet cream, dragonfruits and tangerines available, and work your solos… then put it all together. :slight_smile:

Forgot to say… if you are pulling tart out of this… you may want to look into citric acid, or add a tiny touch of lemon. Always perks up a tangerine.


Might try TFA greek yogurt at 1% and lower the sweetener for a tangy note. INW dragon fruit pitaya is a bit more tart than TFA so maybe 1% INW with 2-3% TFA.


Thank you for the hints. I used the Greek Joghurt and for the citric acid just a drop of blood orange.
Now I have a good base to and can work on refining. :ok_hand:


Hope you can fix it up to suit you, @SteveTC always fun to watch a recipe grow… :slight_smile:


I hope my son likes it. I am with this hints at a level where I like it and will work a little bit with the dragonfruit. The tangerine exhale is with the Greek Joghurt and the Blood Orange already nice.
And there’s still some time until the travel ban is lifted.