[REQ] 🍁 Elder's Word by Kloud Panda

Elder’s Word is why we started Kloud Panda – it really is that simple. This “crown jewel” of our dessert line is simultaneously the most complex and the most straightforward of our vapes. This full-bodied, perfectly buttery, and flaky pastry blend is such an easy sell that we almost feel guilty for making it.

Each vaper who tries it comes back with something different: “Vanilla!” or “This is almost like a s’more” are pretty common, but we’ve heard “Dude! Is that peanut butter!?” a few times now, too. Try it for yourself and see what you find, and then try it again to see what else is there.

This is probably my favourite ever commercial e-liquid. It’s the most complex and undescribable flavour I’ve ever tasted. I’m usually good with identifying flavours, but I can’t even describe what the juice is, let alone its components. I’m sure if you’ve tried it, you’d understand. It’s like warm baked love… Buttery goodness, filo pastry, sweetness like honey not sugar, caramel accents maybe?. It’s so reminiscent of every delicious bakery sweet, at the same time I can’t pinpoint anything solid to start with. So in the spirit of participation, I just hacked up a recipe to try tonight based off my peculiar description, as if theirs was any more helpful lol. It took me forever to even find the info about it, Kloud Panda is now Drip Social but still extremely vague - ELDER’S WORD … Coming soon ??
Original 2016 vape shop poster @ https://imgur.com/a/Juq6Fgd
my hack recipe @ Check cookies


I have a terrible feeling based on their guilty description, it’s going to end up being like 1% FLV Milk and Honey and 0.5% TPA Graham Cracker Clear or something ludicrous like that, LMAO, but I know “usually” companies use 1 manufacturer for flavours… hopefully somebody knows more than me. This stuff is absolutely amazing.


Is this still being produced? If so, who is selling it? I’d like to try it.


No I don’t think so, it’s sad because it was such a unique and special flavour, everybody should have a chance to try it… It was Kloud Panda from Toronto, Canada, then I managed to track them down as Social Drip, but on their new site it just says coming soon for Elder’s word. I think they were trying to fight the waves of regulations but ended up losing the battle as most did, rip. I did get their wholesale app, but it seems either extremely outdated or sketchy AF. Every website that used to sell it shows up in searches, but empty product page with no explanation. Guessing wholesale is dead… Worst case Ontario, I’ll try to contact them directly since all Canadians know each other lol (JK) and see if wholesale is still legit or possible recipe sale or something, the ppl need to experience this magic? I would buy a whole case, but flavours are banned in Nova Scotia… Honestly, if I didn’t hate smoking as much as I do now, I would just go back to smoking at this point. I will never, tho, would rather vape tap water then smoke filthy government cigarettes again.