[REQ] Eliqcube Half & Half

Can anybody come up with a clone for Eliqcube’s Half and Half? I don’t usually buy commercial juices, but on a whim I bought this one, and it was really surprising and awesome. I tried a couple of the half and half recipes on this site, but they don’t really come close. For example, one of them uses FW Lemonade, and it does not mix in, but sits on the top like an oil slick. Not to mention the fact that there really isn’t much tea flavor even though it uses FW Iced Tea at 7%. I would really love to come up with one that is pretty close to Eliqcube’s version! Thanks in advance.

The question most will ask is what have you yourself done in order to try to clone this juice?

Without having done any legwork yourself and just asking the nice people on ELR to make you a clone isn’t the best way to go around. And out of your 6 posts made on ELR you have asked people to make clones for you in 3 of them.

If you really want that juice or any juice cloned there are people that do just that for a living and Wayne Walker at DIYorDIE is one of them. Not sure how much he charges for coming up with a clone but i think it is around $200.

Not saying that you won’t get help and i’m not trying to be mean or anything either. I’m just telling you how things kinda work around here.

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Thanks for the heads up. I see many posts like mine where people are simply asking for ideas or clones. I have made recipes for a while, but I am not very experienced in knowing how to approach the cloning of a juice. I always try to find a recipe, and when I ask for help, I mention what I have done. However, I am very flattered that you took the time to analyze my previous posts.