[REQ] Fair Grounds by Met4

I’m ordering deep fried spongecake from realflavors to try and find one that tastes like fair grounds by Met4, if anyone has suggestions on what else to add to that I’d appreciate it!

Description of liquid:

A lightly golden-fried sponge cake with a whipped, sweet vanilla filling. An absolutely perfect rendition of a classic fair treat.

Profile: Dessert

Primary Flavors: Cake, Vanilla


Sounds like a great place to start! Let us know how you get on with that as a single flavour and how it compares to the liquid you’re referring to - unless somebody has tried both the liquid and the RF Deep Fried Sponge Cake…in which case they’ll be able to tell us!


Definitely! Thank you for that also, I’ll judge what it needs once it gets here & let yall know how it is solo :grin:

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Got my deep fried spongecake Thursday, been vaping it already mixed at 2.5% flavor: 70/30 mix. Tasted amazing already, cant wait for the other bottle to steep so I can get a real idea on what else it needs. I also ordered funnel cake & elephant ear. I’m in a real carnival phase rn lol

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