[REQ] FCUKIN VAPE - Freezy Mango

Damn, that liquid is the best i ever tasted!! I have tasted alot of eliquid, but never the right one where i thought this is over the moon. they have all had some kind of funky taste not bad but just not right. And some of em just ok. But this one is just so fresh and delicious, even when you get spit back from your atty, you think Yammi!!I

I so badly want that recipe. Because shops are ripping the customer off with the price. does any one have a clue…?

If I had to take a stab at it just based on the description…

2% Costarica Special (Mango) (FA)
0.5% Green Apple (Flavorah)
0.5% Koolada Solution (ECX)
0.25% Malic Acid 10% solution


Thanks im deffenetly gonna try that out :smiley:

Come back and let us know and if not someone here may be able to point you in the right direction.

I Will… i Have tried finding malaysian flavour extract sellers that where willing to ship outside malaysia, it was a little difficult. now i have found this site https://raweliquid.wordpress.com/ who has green mango, yellow mango and mango lassi… i also ordered the costarica special mango and maybe some more dont remember know… i really hope to nail this one… Ill be back :smiley:

I hope you let us know what you have bin brewing and how it worked out, because … fcukin-mango and fcukin-pineapple are the only 2 liquids I still spend money on.
They had them at Gearbest for 12.39$ , but they ran out of stock at the moment…could be my faulth…bought 10 bottels of both flavors.
And yes…I still cant believe there are no recipes out here for it…because they are the best juices I ever tasted…and I tasted alot before I started DIY.


I have tried Flavas Pineapple and i think i have figured out a pretty good recipe.

It is
1,5% TFA Sweetener
1,5% TFA Koolada
5% FW Extreme Ice
3% TFA Dragon Fruit
6% TFA Pineapple

So if you want tom make 100 ml of e-liquid
You take the following amount
1,5 ml TFA Sweetener
1,5 ml TFA Koolada
5 ml FW Extreme Ice
3 ml TFA Dragon Fruit
6 ml TFA Pineapple

I have recently made my first batch of this e-liquid and I think its really good. Please let me know what you think of it.

When you put TFA what does that stand for sorry new to mixing my own juice

TFA is a brand of flavors and is short for The Flavor Apprentice (and also The Perfumer’s Apprentice). FW is Flavor West.

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Awesome thanks for that