[REQ] Fingers Malone by Diavlo

Totally wicked do a Diavlo e liquid called Fingers Malone. It’s one of the best I’ve been tasted but I can’t seem to get the mix right.

75% vg


Don’t know why I can get it right?? Has anyone tried cloning this? Would be a huge help if anyone’s has any advice on mixing this.

Thanks in advance guys

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Which brands of those flavors have you tried and in what %? Do you have your recipes entered into the data base here that you can post V1, V2, V3 or how ever many times you’ve tried? Also. many times there are other flavors involved that accent the main profile. They aren’t identifiable as a flavor on their own but they make a big difference in how the main flavors come together.


Post up all known flavor profiles that you can find from vendors, and JuiceDB and then find the manufacturers VG/PG to assist us in helping.

“As tender and purple as the deepest bruise. Blueberry, blackcurrants and grape swirl together to create the perfect punch. (Berries)”

Picture has blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberry on it. I think it might had some tropical “punch” too?