Req: follies baby blue recipe :)

Hello m8’s

is there someone ho are trying to make a clone recipe for the follies e-liquids?.. i would love one for the baby blue :smile:

best reguards

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What does it taste like? You might get help here to attempt a clone - but I doubt you’ll get a clone right off the bat :smile:

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Description says Bubblegum, Blueberry, and Licorice. I’m guessing black licorice?

This one looks like a pretty good start:


Ingredient %
Anise (CAP) 2
Apple (Double) (FW) 1
Blue Raspberry (TPA) 4
Blueberry Candy (TPA) 8
Bubblegum 4
Koolada 10% (TPA) 1

Flavor total: 20%

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On second thought, I’d start with @Mourning_Glory’s Squishy Smurf. Maybe switch out Sour with TPA Absinthe. I don’t know anything about Swedish Gummy or what it imparts to the recipe.

Squishy Smurf

Ingredient %
Blueberry Extra (TPA) 3
Blueberry Wild (TPA) 5
Bubblegum (FW) 3
Sour (TPA) 1
Swedish Gummy (TPA) 5

Flavor total: 17%

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oh i forgot that it was made in france in the EU, i thought it had arrived in the us by now… both yes it taste like the decription, mostly blueberry, then bubblegum and a low hint of licorice a hard black licorice…

both i think that i would take base in the one JoJo has listed and work from there, both wiat 5 cabins full of aroma it would take some time… :smile:

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That sounds interesting :slight_smile: I am in Europe, and I haven’t heard of it - but then again, I mostly DIY my own (and other’s) stuff :smiley:

It sounds like something I’d like - I would try to do it with Bilberry (FA), Blenderize (Tutti Frutti) (FA) and Licorice (FA) :smile: I might try to do something with that :smiley:


you havend :open_mouth: ?..
follies blue baby picture

iam also a diy guy… both this one is a brainer, comepared to onehitwunder milkman, suicyde bunny and so on wich was pretty easy to make…

Cool - Are you a dane? I might just order some from Danskdamp - but it’s 5,-/ml - I find that pretty offensive :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

hehe yes iam danish :slight_smile: … the prices is high in Denmark we got a loot of taxes… both then again the taxes goes to free medical care, free doctors, making the roads and so on… so its fair… we cant complaine… if you think the price on that is high… then see the price for an original onehitwunder 180ml… 500dkk… it’s 73,38usd or 67,02 euro… and you can make a clone for 0,20dkk / ml… it would be 36 dkk for 180ml… (25% aroma…)

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Tell me about it :wink: I’m Danish myself :smiley: Velkommen til :smiley: (Just ordered Baby Blue to see what it’s about)

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well then i have to say “mange tak” hehe… well if you live in denmark, aint here a vapebar close to you? like esbjerg, århus, aalborg or?

I live in Copenhagen, so there probably are lots, but I don’t visit them a lot - I’m perfectly happy with making my own :smiley: Sometimes I hear about this or that, and then I just order it, typically from UK… :smile:

hehe i have it the same way… both making my own takes time… i step the aroma for 7 days… and after that adding the base and let it step again 14days to 2½ moth, and after that tasteing, maybe adding something, step again… and when you vape 400+ ml a month you just need to have some extra :smiley: !


Yes - We need some volume, when we vape sub-ohm :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

Why steep the aroma separately though?

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Got it today :slight_smile: Smells pretty good. Tasted a drop on my finger. It has way less licorice than I thought it would. I thought I tasted peppermint, but I think it was Koolada. More bubblegum than blueberry (though I can definitely taste the blueberry). We’ll see when I get a clean tank and try this stuff.

I don’t really do clones, but I’ll take inspiration from vendor juices :smile:


because the aroma got diff viscosity, some are heavier than others and if you then mixe it wiat a base there are a possibility that some of your aroma is on the top, another can be at the bottom and another again is maybe crystallized… thats if you make an aroma from diff companies… if you only are mixing a single aroma wiat base or aromas from same company wiat base then you dont need to step the aroma :slight_smile:

Seems to me if you just shake the hell out of it during the steep, that should be enough :smile:

haha… you should think that… and i have tryed that plus a paint mixer 12 min at 1200 shake/min, “ultralydsrenser”, close dryer and so on… the flavor is alot better after the aroma have step than just shake and vape or shake, mix wiat base, step… aroma step is nice… just remember to shake 3 times a day like all other liquid, both i’ve also mixed my own aroma and base for almost 5 years so you develop a Technic :slight_smile:

hehe well, I’ve worked with flavor bases as well - and you’re right it does blend a little better afterwards, but the end result is the same - and time is the best steeper of all :wink: I’ve been mixing my own for a little over 5 years as well - The baby version of this site went live in december 2010 and was bought january 2nd 2011 :smile:

So, I’ve vaped baby blue for a bit now - It’s interesting to be sure! I like it, but I’m not totally blown away by it. I taste blueberry, licorice or anise, a little blackcurrant, a bit of citrus, some bubblegum, perhaps some marshmallow and of course there’s koolada… I’ll start experimenting soon :smile:

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