[REQ] Frost Dripper E-Liquid By Element

If your a mint lover, Frost Dripper E-Liquid By Element - is the best.

Here is a description:

Icy menthol balanced by subtle sweet tones. Shake your senses with our gratifying menthol blend! Frost is a mildly sweet and chilling menthol experience.

​Here is another dscription:

Specifically designed for use with drippers and mechanical mods, this Frost e-liquid by Element is for fans of menthol flavours, especially those who appreciate a proper brain-refreshing blast of that menthol taste when they vape. This Frost Dripper juice has a mildly sweet undertone, but the menthol experience is chillingly refreshing. It’s a vape that will not only reinvigorate your senses but cleanse your palate to boot.

That Element use superior ingredients for their special dripper series is obvious from the taste of their juices, with the creators preferring a base ingredient mix heavily in favour of Vegetable Glycerin which carries the flavour and produces those huge clouds of vapour we all love so much. Even for vapers who aren’t overly fond of menthol, this is an excellent juice to keep handy as a quick drip between changing flavours can refresh your taste-buds in readiness for a whole new vaping adventure.​

Do you know what flavours to use for this? CAP menthol just doent seem right, as for the sweet I have had some people comment that it smells like vanilla.

Literally any help is appreciated.

I don’t have a lot of experience with menthol flavors, but I do have some FA Artic Winter that I find to be very refreshing with a slight sweetness to it. I mix it with different berry flavors.

Thanks for the help

So far I have tried Extreme Ice FW and Vanilin 10% TPA but the Extreme Ice really just dont not seem Extreme enough. Frost is a very strong menthol, something which i just can not find.

Inawera has an actual flavour called Frost. It is by far one of the strongest mint concentrates I’ve ever used. It’s actually amazing. It’s sweet, icy and tastes like spearmint. I’m going to assume, by the name of the ejuice, and by the description that they are using Frost by Inawera.

If what you are using isn’t strong enough, you can buy menthol crystals and make your own menthol flavor. It’s not hard. I put about 1/3 of a bottle of crystals and the rest I filled with PG so it’s roughly a 30% concentrate. I use 1 drop per 10ml and it’s very strong. Maybe too much so, but I’m not a big fan of menthol. You could do a 10% concentration by using 1g of crystals and 9g PG, 20% by doing 2g menthol and 8g PG, etc.

Another option is adding some koolada to the menthol you already have. Koolada gives a very icy/cold feeling without a whole lot of the ‘mint’ flavor. I really enjoyed it, but found out I was allergic so I don’t have a whole lot of experience.

Hope that helps.

I agree with JoJo, go with crystals if you are trying to get something stronger. I mix mine at 50/50 with PG and find that 2.4% is about as strong as I can handle before my tongue goes numb.

My personal menthol recipe: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/494684/Minty+Menthol

The peppermint and EM give a little sweetness, which might be something you enjoy. I’ve never had Frost Dripper so I can’t comment on the flavor profile.

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@OhmSociety es - Thank you. I will be mixing this tonight.

@JoJo Is their any way to tell when crystals have been used?

If it has menthol, it has menthol crystals. Menthol liquid concentrate is just crystals someone else put into PG.

noshadowkick, can you share that recipe with me please? it’s marked as private now!

Hey docta, sorry for the delay:

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