[REQ] Fueled by Counter Culture

Company says it’s a Vanilla Custard. I’ve done so many VC’s, this doesn’t seem like one. It just so sweet… So creamy… Legit the best e-liquid i’ve tried to date and i’ve had a fair share. I would like to be able to make it and i know many others will be interested too, since very sweet clones are a big thing in our community here. I need to point out that it is extremely sweet/creamy/milky in the best way. Read in company website that it doesnt contain Acetoin and other “harmful” components. Hard to believe, but i have to mention what i’ve found out about it in case it helps. It also blackens the cotton fully after only 2-3ml and leaves black residues when i wipe the bell. Sweetness comes with a price that im willing to pay for. It is just that good. I hope someone will spend some time cloning this, it is surely worth it

Most likely it is laden with sucralose. Should be very easy to clone, if that’s what you want.


I don’t even own surcaloze, only EM :slight_smile: I just hope that someone with cloning experience that has tried it and liked it as much as i did, will give it a go. Thanks for the info though, i’ll get defo some surcalose and try it on some recipes, i thought EM was enough of a sub for it