[REQ] Furiosa Lava Drops

I’ve searched the internet for a recipe of Furiosa Lava Drops. But this seemed to be a difficult task. I didn’t find anything.
Anyone here who tried it already?

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Dragonfruit blend from France. Hard to say. My guess would be Inawera dragonfruit as a starting point. Not much of a profile description to go off of on the wesites I checked.

edit: found a few other descriptions; “DRAGONFRUIT, FROZEN ORANGE AND PAPAYA JUICE.”

I’m not sure how easy it is in the EU to get ahold of TPA but I would guess TPA dragonfruit, TPA papaya and not sure what frozen orange tastes like. menthol?

What do you taste in it?

The first time I used Lava Drops in my atty, it instantly melted so I never got to try it…:wink:

Here is a HINT: