[REQ] G2 tropical melon

Can anybody pleas help me out.
A time ago it was Gillicans island but now it is change name Tropical melon from g2 vapor.
If ayone does have the clone of could gues it would be so awesome.
Thank you

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Flavour description states:

G2 Tropical Melon has ripe pineapples, rich milk from a freshly cracked coconut, and a mix of other tropical fruits, that’ll make you feel like you’re taking a tropical vacation.

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I know…
Maybe anybody does have a own clone of this baby.

What other fruits have you noticed are in it besides the ones mentioned in the description?

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Uhmmm…it is really hard to say…
It is so unique.
It is really Tropical with a fresh pineapple and coconut.
Maybe some kind of little bit of alcohol thing in it.
The other fruits i cannot say…really dont know.

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Long time ago…some one does have replied to my other topic.
But with Drops…
Cant figure it out because i work with %…
And with the drops you cant figure out on how much ML he talks…maybe 30 or 50 i dont know.
I also did replied but he has never been came back online.
Vg 70 / 30 pg…original.

May '16

Hey there I looked everywhere for a recipe also but found nothing so I trial and errored it to a pretty close clone. All tfa “the flavor apprentice” flavors. 25 drops pineapple juice, 6 drops Hawaiian drink, 10 to 14 drops sweetener depending on preference but 14 is just fantastic, 12 drops sweet and tart, 4 drops coconut, 2 drops jackfruit and that’s it friggin delicious! I usually air mine out for a couple hours and it’s good to go but a week of steeping definitely smoothes everything out and lets the sweetener step up.


Well I can tell you one thing, Tropical Punch by Flavorah is NOT part of it, that was one of the most dull/ flavorless concentrates I have tried, to date.

What pineapples do you have? They each have their own distinct taste. For example, FLV is like a grilled pineapple whereas INW is like a pineapple gummy. RF SC is a really good tropical one, I would get that if you don’t have it.


Hey Brunodebull,

I worked out a percentage…

I just mixed it and I can say amazingly close nuances already after just mixing…

Pineapple = 5%
Hawaiian = 1.2 %
Sweetener = 2.4 %
Sweet and tart = 2.4%
Coconut = 0.80%
Jackfruit = 0.50%

I added :

2.34 ml of PG
14 ml VG
1.2 ml PG Nic Base

For a 6 mg / 20 ml bottle

For a 70/30 VG/PG

To mix 20 ml tester.

I can’t wait to steep it…

Good luck…

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Golden Pineapple Cap - 2.5% (Base)
Coconut Extra- TFA .5% (Layer)
Diary Milk-TFA 2% (Layer)
Cantaloupe- CAP…or TFA 1.5%
Mango- TFA 1%
Papaya- TFA 1%


Is it al tfa or cap?

Wich aroma tfa/cap…?thanks


Have you tried the other version here?

Is your version any closer to the original?

I will give yours a try adding something else for the Dairy Milk and maybe Jackfruit instead of Papya…(I don’t have that…

Thanks for the recipe…

edited for companies, thanks for the correction.

I haven’t tried the other version here, but it seems to be, and my estimated guess, just a cream/milk base of Mega Melons, a very popular melon recipe.
Having not tried the original, but seeing what others say about it, the milk, I mean…maybe condensed milk or dairy cream or etc

Thank you …!

Oh you haven’t tried it… that’s cool, you should try it if given the chance. It is very refreshing.

Myself, I spent a huge some of money chasing that juice. It was my all day vape for years. Finally wanted to try and mix myself, due to the vast amounts of throw away bottles…

It was like trying to win the lottery if you got the juice before it over steeped or not… My 18 mg mtl juice was more often than not tasting like crap due to the length of time since it was made and the nic changing the flavour profile…

Supposedly and purportedly it was Pineapple, coconut and melons…

I got the pineapple and other undetermined mixed fruit, but never actually tasted the coconut.
It’s not in your face sweet with the right mix of sweet and tart…

Anyway DJ…

Thanks for your recipe attempt, I have ordered more flavorings to try your ideas…

Thank you once again :blush:

I will follow this topic for future updates…!

Thank you all.!

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Thank you so much !

Wow thanks DJ,

I was going to mess around with the quantities I had before. Bruno originally listed ingredients by drops and asked a year ago if the person had percentages. It took me 10 months to get around to it. I finally did and came up with a nice juice…

Now you’ve shown another take on the same recipe… beautiful work mate, thanks for the share…l

Will definitely mix up a batch tomorrow…

Will leave my findings on here.

Thank you again… DJ you’re a star…:slight_smile: