[REQ] Gillicans island g2

Hi there guys…!
Hope some of your wiz masters over here can help me.
I am so in love with Gilicans island from G2 Vapor…
But i havent find any recept for it yet…
If anyone find it out pleas hook me up with PM.


G2 Vapor Prime - Gilligan’s Island

Imagine being on a tropical island where fresh fruits are ripe for the picking all around you. Slice some pineapples up, crack a fresh coconut open for its rich milk and blend in a few other tropical fruits that you come across and you will have created the perfect refreshing summer vape. Let this liquid transport you to life in the tropics.

Child-proof cap
70% VG / 30% PG

Thanks guys

Hey there I looked everywhere for a recipe also but found nothing so I trial and errored it to a pretty close clone. All tfa “the flavor apprentice” flavors. 25 drops pineapple juice, 6 drops Hawaiian drink, 10 to 14 drops sweetener depending on preference but 14 is just fantastic, 12 drops sweet and tart, 4 drops coconut, 2 drops jackfruit and that’s it :slight_smile: friggin delicious! I usually air mine out for a couple hours and it’s good to go but a week of steeping definitely smoothes everything out and lets the sweetener step up.

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Hi mate
Can you pleas give me a %.
Like 1 or 2 % pineapple And so on.

Pleas let me know want to try it so bad :slight_smile:

But i dont work with drops :wink:
Always with % because then i can make easy Large storage.
Thanks mate

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