[REQ] "Grape Drank" -Ruthless

Can or has any one done a great clone of this —Ruthless
Been trying to find one , my best mate loves the stuff !!!
Come close-ish, but none on par yet???

Cheers crew! :wink:

The search function both here on the forum side and the recipe side is truly your best friend and it does work :wink:
This is just one of many and if you don’t like this one you can check the next link.



i was just looking into this in the past few days. i’m still vaping my own “tweak” as i found the original too strong for my taste and setup.
the clones published here (see link from @Norseman ) seem to agree the main flavor is Grape Juice (TPA) then they range from 7% up to 15% … some include other notes (dragon fruit, creams…etc)

my tweak/twist which i really liked was to use Grape Juice (TPA) at around 6-7% (or other preferred strength), then add Anise (FA) 3% and Pineapple 2% (the pineapple breaks that strong sweetness of the grapes and adds a nice twist to the anise) … just a thought if you’re into Anise


Cheers guys … yeah, have had a crack at those and they dont quite nail it… was hoping some one out there was on to it and could stop him forking a fortune out for the juice each month :wink:

I wish I could do grape, I love grapes and grape juice. but every recipe just tastes like Robitussin to me. =(

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I am so with you one that - i just can’t handle the grape - the closest i have come to grape that i like is RF Sangria which is yum.

that’s exactly the reason why i did the “tweak” … i couldn’t vape the original bottle i had… the grape was too strong. so i diluted down 2:1 then added the Anise and PA as above. now it’s a lot nicer and in fact became a favorite … i’m by no means an expert but glad to find a way to make grape juice work for me.

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I have not tried the Ruthless juice but I am really enjoying RF Grape (SC). It is a wonderful sweet grape with a bit of a bite on the end. No cough medicine here. Reminds me of Welches grape juice but a little lighter. Single flavor mix at 3% with a 3 day steep and it’s very nice.

So no-one has nailed it yet … bummer, guess its back to the mixing station :wink:

That medicine is in the real purple drank right?


Lol I was thinking the same thing. If you taste robitussin then you’ve successfully cloned the real grape/purple drank! :laughing:

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