[REQ] Green fairy by vapeshoreditch

i have been using green fairy for a few weeks (new to vaping) can anyone tell me where i can find the recipe for this mix ?
i tried absinthe ,liquorice and sweetener in a mix as they are the flavours i was getting when i vape green fairy ,however the mix was vile and i had to wash the bottle out .

be brilliant if i can get a start of on quantity of absinth to liquorice to sweetener ratio ? also the steep time required .

total newb to vaping and this forum .

i made an attempt at cap double apple and that turned out nice :slight_smile:

thanks in advance for any advise and recipes

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Welp. First. Post a link to the juice. Also, share your starting recpie. With percentage used, flavor and company.

For a liquorish flavor is may be anise. I personally like anise FA used at 0.25 to 1%. But watch out at the higher percent, it can take over a mix.

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Green fairy is from vapeshoreditch ready to vape .
I think my mistake was percentage i used 15% absinthe :frowning2: hence the vile taste maybe .
I will try to redo with lower percentage and see what happens

Here you go kash1;


Make sure you let it steep for a couple of weeks, the absinth really mellows out with enough time. I made a recipe once called Irish Fairy, it had 5% absinth and it was terrible until I tried it weeks later. It was a completely different juice.


Thanks will get some of the flavours im short on and update how things go :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advise :slight_smile:

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This is not my clone by the way here is the site that made it http://www.lediypourlesnuls.com/buccaneers-juice-green-fairy/

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