[REQ] Halcyon Haze Gin's Addiction and Venus In Vapes Clones

Hats off to Halcyon Haze for some of the best juices I ever tasted, I’m talking about Venus In Vapes and Gin’s Addiction, and so hard is it to clone their juices. Tried some of the G.A. clone recipes but none even comes close to the original, does anyone have a clue how to clone them? A hint? Something?

Never tried Gins Addiction but after a look around its got me interested. I might try a similar recipe blind.

Found this here http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/120183/063+-+SLOW_GinsAddiction-1

and this on vapeunderground http://vapingunderground.com/threads/more-clones.38508/

Halcyon Haze Gins Addiction
9% absinthe
7% black currents
3% lemon
2% peppermint
.5% menthol

What recipes have you tried and what flavors do you think is important / missing?

FA has a gin flavor, not sure its necessary. Ive been meaning to find a reason to use Ginger Ale (TPA) and think Ill try something similar with that.

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Heres my blindly inspired adaptation http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/127151/Blind+Addiction+%28alpha%29
Maybe theres an idea in there somewhere?

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Did you ever find success in your quest? I’ve just come here to ask the same question, so to see that two years ago you didn’t get much response is a bit disheartening…are you even still on the forum? Fingers crossed