[REQ] Hangsen RY4 clone?

What do you thing is in HS RY4? I taste some fruit, little tobacco, something strange in the background and a lots of sweet. As for identifying at least one flavor I’m totally at the loss. Only problem with that one is that it clogs coils crazy fast, like 4 ml and coil needs a dry burn. Would love to make clone of it tho and tweak it.

I can’t remember Hangsen’s RY4 very well - I think it was one of the originals that I also liked. cloud9vaping.co.uk sells a RY4 concentrate that is very close to what I consider “the original RY4”.

I still vape it but knowing the ingredient would be great so I can make my own slightly modified version.

Hi Flavorhound1;

Being Hangsen is a asian company I would not be surprised if apple and black licorice was in the mix. These are 2 flavor additives that are popular in asia. I have never tried Hangsen products so I’m not much help but I hoped this info might be helpful in identifying the flavors with some luck…

Any suggestion is good I think. It is a mystery to me since I can usually tell at least 1-2 flavors in juice but not this one But I I think there must be something really sweet in there because it gungs up coils very fast.

Could be some caramel.

so i am guessing you don’t just want to use Hangsen RY4 flavoring. after much research its really good in the 8-12% range. i bump up the vanilla and caramel notes in my Hangasian recipe on this site. GL