[REQ] Happy green recipe ideas? Sour apple

This is a delicious flavour.

How would you clone it? Any ideas appreciated.

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Well I have never had this one before. You’d have to describe how it tastes …for instance on inhale do yo get more apple or is lime or the citrus more of the first flavor tasted. Then how does it end is there a particular blend in the end or do you get just one flavor note on exhale ? That kinda can help aid in the building of a recipe.


Yeah that’s my problem! I’ve not been critical while vaping it, and I’m not very good at noticing the component flavours.

I wouldn’t have realised it had citrus and lime aside from reading it was in there - It just tastes like really delicious sour apple to me - which must be the lime and citrus that gives it the tang.

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Maybe someone could help. I sure am no Sour Apple wizard in the juice making department. @Pro_Vapes whips up some mean Apple juices maybe he has heard of it ?

I do like apple, but I haven’t tried any sour apple. Sounds interesting tho… I’d like to try it.

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I figured if anyone could help rescue this Apple request it’d be you ! Heck I’m still working on getting my TFA apple to not be so overbearing to me. Less is more for with that flavor.

I ended my apple search with Fuji Apple FA. It adapts itself to all my recipes with a change of %. Maybe try apple with some TPA Sour or LA Tart and Sour. I’m not sure on the % because I haven’t tried them yet.


Ok I will do that , I love Fuji Apple but don’t find it tart and never thought about adding the LA tart and sour to it… good deal. Thanks ! oh and btw LB’s green apple isn’t too sour I added sour to it from their line and it’s steeping atm so we’ll see.

I’ve mixed TPA Green Apple with Tobacco mixes and liked it. It’s on the Flavors To Avoid List, but it works for me in low %s.

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