[REQ] Harvest by Clouds of Hope

Hi everyone I’m new here and very excited to start trying out some awesome diy juices. I have been vaping for about 3 months and have had a terrible time getting hold of some nice good quality juice with nicotine, because I live in Australia I’m not able to buy nicotine juice as it’s illegal but we can import it for personal use. It’s such a bloody pain and I must have a very picky palate or something because I have tried so many juices but nothing works for me but a few. My absolute fav is ‘Harvest’ by Clouds of Hope (Cosmic Fog) but unfortunately I’m unable to buy it atm because it’s so costly to get it to me I have paid hundreds of Dollars already and just can’t do it anymore so, I have ordered myself a good supply of Nicotine along with PG and VG and I’m going to make my own! I would really love to try and make a Harvest clone and would love some help with it as I don’t know what the recipe is… Looking for some advice.

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The description says it is a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich. You might start with some peanut butter, strawberry (ripe) by TPA, sweet strawberry (Cap), maybe a pie crust or cookie, and some AP. You can get a bread crust flavor from FA, but apparently it is VERY strong so use at your own risk. A VU user, wiimc, made a jam sandwich recipe you might try as a starting place and substitute strawberry for the grape.

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Hi JoJo thank you so much for your reply, I think I will start with the jam sandwich and yeah try the strawberry…I assume the ripe strawberry is sweeter? I mite even try it with grape too. It seems I like more of the savoury kind like pastry, nuts and cream etc, I can’t wait to start mixing my own. :blush:


Ripe strawberry smells more like a real, fresh strawberry while the sweet strawberry gives you a little more of that sweet, syrupy strawberry. @Ken_O_Where was the one who turned me on to mixing the two together to get a great strawberry flavor and he’s definitely on to something. It works great.

Good luck in your journey! There’s a lot of really great info and great people around here to help you out if you get stuck. :smile: