[REQ] Has anybody tried to clone boosted?

I got the chance to try all recipes of the boosted posted in this forum but none of them are even close. I would even pay somebody to help me reproduce it’s flavor. After trying the boosted once I just can’t let it go and keep it on order. Out of many juices I’ve tried nothing compares to this delicious e-liquid.
I guess the guy who made the boosted used some unique flavors that are not being made by CAP or TFA, etc.
I just wonder if any of you guys has been doing some research on this.

Thank you

First, shout outs to Cory Vigil founder of Boosted. Many of these top Premium ejuice makers earned their crown …the hard way. Sounds like you are his #1 fan. I just looked at all the many recipes here and his “crown” seems to be a pretty popular target for DIYers …and in your words (on all their reviews) no one’s close. Looks like Cory still reigns …and not just getting your $$, he’s likely doing well with his creation.

Have you mixed any of those (this is a DIY site)? Any opinions on what flavor notes you’re missing? …and you are right, it is very likely Premium juice makers are not just using CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and TFA Strawberry to make strawberry icecream milkshakes …tricky mofos.

Looking at Deftonerdad’s “Spot on Boosted” I see there’s folks that love it and folks who did not find joy (18 reviews!) I have a some experience with those flavorings and simply not shaking them before measuring would end in disaster (TFA Dairy Milk!), so it’s not just what flavor’s are in there …there’s real skill in the labwork too.

Lots to learn, lots to try and fail at, but duude you just trashed all the previous people who made attempts on this site. I’m not sure many folks here are up for your less-than-gentle critique. If I could make a juice as obviously brilliant as Cory Vigil …his juice? I wouldn’t need your money, I’d be in negotiations with Boosted Inc! “I’m movin’ ta Denver Bruh!”

Whats the flavor profile? Description?

Here’s the Commercial Description

and here’s the ELR Clone recipes

It’s kind of strawberry milkshake

I’ve tried all the boosted DIY versions published here and I appreciate the work those guys did trying to nail the mix.
All I’m saying is that all attempts are still need some work being far from the flavor of the original boosted.

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One thing for sure …you are making ME wanna go find some Boosted. I’m vaping some of my own DIY Strawberry Belgian Waffles ala Mode right now and a Strawberry Malted milkshake vape to go with? Ooh yeeah…


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Here’s the Boosted store locator. I found a Retailer, and the last time I went here was to get on of my favorites “SuperStrudel” These guys only make one ejuice, and the description is simple… frosted strawberry toaster strudel …pretty sure the frosting is crack. My first bottle I vaped 30 mls in 24 hours. They better have some Boosted in stock, or guess what I’ll be coming home with?

Is that good? )) Superstrudle… hah,…never heard of it. Will give it a try. Thanks for suggestion.

Well flavor is subjective. Mastery of juice making for me is subtlety. The Premium juice flavors I go nutty for are usually simple. Best example is another fav The Schwartz “The Downside”. Blueberry Yogurt (a flavor I asked for a clone here). As you describe subtlety may be more accurately described as “flavor precision”. I mean, what? Strawberry Malted milkshake? How hard could that be?

It’s a carefully selected selected Strawberry. I might try Inawera Strawberry Shisha as someone here described the flavor as a little “malty”. The order in which a flavors hits your palette is directly connected to your enjoyment …yet almost subliminal. The Downside blueberry is spot-on blueberry which hits your tastebuds first, clear and strong yet pleasant, then a tart grainy yogurt on the exhale with a little sweetness.

Same for SuperStrudel. A nice strawberry inhale with flaky pastry then a sweet icing exhale. Each flavor holds it own place in subtle delivery. DIYing this kind of stuff requires lots of experience with just single flavors …like, "am I going to taste this strawberry first or last or all the way through? …and how do I really want to taste it personally …and how does it present in the original? Sweetnes is a whole 'nuther thread(s).

For folks here to aid your frustration in search of this clone, maybe breakdown more exactly by addressing how the layers of flavor are presenting to YOU. It’s that subjective thing, what you like or I like isn’t for everybody (strawberry?) I mean do you taste the strawberry first? …or last? Is the strawberry crystal clear up front, or all the way through. Any sweetness or maltyness on the finish or is the milkshake a malty creamy middle?

I’m about to jump in the car and snag on some Boosted, and if I like my sample at the B&M shop I’ll buy some and share my opinion …or I might be all highed-up on toaster strudel :wink: …just so you know


That’s what I’ve been doing recently - trying to figure out which flavors are included in Boosted. But the boosted is something that really differs from ANY flavor I tried so far. I have almost a full set of CAP, some Inawera ( Strawberry Shisha included), FA, TFA - more than a couple as well.
As a matter of fact, in Boosted the strawberry is not on the top, it’s just used for balancing the ice creem-ish flavor, buttery smooth cream and a touch of vanilla custard… It’s hard to describe.

I have radically edited this post. It was a waste of time since I was testing in this former post with a not-thoroughly-cleaned RDA. All my impressions were polluted with one of the strongest flavored e-juice recipes out there …Bronuts. My self-shaming below.

One of the wisest comments on the secrets of “Premium” e-juices was “loaded with sweetener” (in another thread) …truth. Heh that’s OK with me as I kinda like sweet vapes. Boosted is just a well crafted and balanced mix, and there is alot of sweet …I would guess marshmallow and sucralose. It’s been interesting trying it in all my devices. I’m vaping it in my Griffin 22 with dual Claptons right now …sweet strawberry ice cream is right up my alley.

This not a complex vape, but it has been perfected and the market it holds is proof enough. Strawberry is not that easy to get juuust so, and the right mix of sweet/ripe/red (plus all the possible Vendors) looks like a common recipe/thread on ELR. SO many “Strawberrys!” I can’t wait to finish my home move and get all setup again and order a bunch of different Strawberrys …and everything else.

Meanwhile back at the Vape Shop …I’m temporarily back paying full price. My cheap-bone twinges when I drop +$100 on Nic, VG and flavorings, but I’m looking at paying that over the next couple weeks for Premium sauce [sad face] …so this didn’t turn out too bad, I kinda like Boosted …and I will be trying to crack this B!

My hints/guesses? This flavor is a couple years old, and due to it’s popularity likely the original recipe. Flavors from back when folks were not so aware of Diacetyl and Acetoin. Are there any chemical evals of this stuff online. The flavors are likely currently being subbed for non DA/AP flavoring in new clone attempts and easily why they fail …no delicious delicious Diacetyl :heart_eyes:

On a side note …turns out I likely will be running to the Vape B&M over the next couple weeks so if you have any other highly addictive recommendations
feel free to share below …and I’ll rush out to buy it and come home and STFU :kissing_heart:

Anecdotal evidence: Chatting with Retailer I discovered this flavor was one of the #1 sellers (and award winners!) in recent past (2014 -2015).

Haha now pay up! [jokes!] The real expense was Costco is on the way home and that cost me >$100 (no vape related purchases) The vision of ELR is to pay it forward… so CRACK THE CODE “Vlad7-the-Inhaler” [surely someone else’s nick!] …and then share

he gone

Thank you BoDarc,

It’s gonna take some time to read your impressions about your experience in vapor shop.
Appreciate your analysis!
You’re absolutely right about different experience vaping boosted in tank and RDA. I tried it in my squape r and kayfun v4 and I can tell you - It’s not even vapeable. The best flavor I get from the boosted was using Plume Veil RDA. Even my Marquise failed to deliver the full aroma.

Thank you again for taking your time and effort to analyze and taste this “magic” liquid.

I will read your post again to digest the info and will start gathering the flavors.
Will keep you updated!

@vlad7 Super quick no more TL:DR :wink: I cleaned up my Kanger TopBox tank and put in a fresh Kanger SSOCC ceramic coil .5 ohms @ 32.5W. Boosted was made for this thing! All the flavors are balanced and pleasing but more together, harder to analyze. Back to marshmallow for sweetness or like cream cheese icing. Still not cream/dairy creamy …only slightly. That green taste is more like some added fruit like pear or maybe even cactus… a mystery back note to juice it up. …and a drop of Koolada. I haven’t had much success with my Kanger SCOCC ceramic coils …looks like they just needed a BOOST(ed)! …aaand that’s likely my last Kanthal coil (taste fail!).

Oh God, BoDarc … you’re making me going back to Kanger…can’t believe this )))). So , you keep sensing new flavor every day, huh… Is it getting kind of addicted? That’s how I feel about this juice. I can’t vape anything else…and this is the problem… I have couple of bottles of Talios (Alpha and Breakfast), …can’t even stand the smell )))
Alright…back to work… My boss is coming soon… but before that … need to step outside and get some hits of my Boosted…

Thanks BoDarc

kinda like this nick )))))))

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Ok I’ll make this quick [facepalm] One of the reasons I didn’t mind going to the Vape Shop is I’m running low on juice. I’m running low on juice because I’m moving, and the majority of my stuff is in boxes. Setting up the lab is how to get unpopular around here :wink: real fast. I said I changed my wick on my Velocity mini, but tonight I was ditching that cr@p coil and fully disassembled the RDA.

Ahm, erm turns out I neglected to completely clean the cap (2 parts screwed together) Another reason I changed my wick was because I had just finished of the last of some DIY BRONUTS. Little drabs of BRONUTS hiding between, and up in the cap totally contaminated any ability to test BOOSTED in the shop …so yeah I was getting chocolate and Joy hiding in the flavor because I’m an IDIOT. There is no chocolate or dough/yeast in BOOSTED …and I just gave myself a D+ in Chem Lab.

The only saving grace to my taste test (last part) with the ceramic coil (Kanger TopBox tank) which was fresh and the tank had been fully disassembled and washed. But hey, I was able to taste micro amounts of BRONUTS under an entirely different ejuice …ok ok I know, still a dumb@ss. Hah good thing I put a disclaimer at the top!

SO you know I’ve been vaping on some Boosted. I’m thinking …it may be foolish for a Creator to fully and accurately describe a Premium e-juice flavor they are selling. Smarter to keep it to a Marketing perspective… maybe not so accurate …and more just cool sounding. I’ve come across this many times sampling ejuices in shops from descriptions in the printed “Menus” of what they’re selling …descriptions usually cut/pasted from the Vendors web site …let’s say lacking actual recipe accuracy.

Boosted “magical”? Hmm maybe more like smart. He’s whipped up a not-easily-dissected flavor which is a pretty good experience …and put us all off the scent with a slick description. Hah luckily this isn’t the adopted procedure here on ELR! “OK here’s the percentages of 5 of my 6 flavorings” and we’re all left to guess at the Oba Oba …or is that Yling Yling?

I’ve also learned the hard way, that the best way to waste time is try and cut corners on lab protocols …but my ultrasonic is in a box under other boxes and I can’t wait till this is over and I CAN ORDER FLAVORS …OMFG

back to work…


Hey there :slight_smile:
One of the tricks that Cory used in Boosted is CAP Coconut at 0.2 or 0.3%, that’s the missing link that everyone seems to fail tasting.
Also, he only uses Capella flavoring.

Hi Boostedspy,

So besides coconut, how about dairy milk, strawberry, NY cheese cake, etc ? Are those present as well?


There’s no Dairy Milk in the range of CAP :slight_smile:
I’m not sure on the NY Cheesecake, but there’s Sweet Cream and Vanilla Custard .