[REQ] Has anyone done Grand Vapor Pirate booty clone?

I’m new to vaping and just starting DIY ejuice and this has been my fav ADV thus far so I am here asking if anyone has tried this or cloned this I would love to try my own hand at it.


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thanks but i searched and already seen that one. Grand Vapors Pirate Booty has been discontinued thats why i want to clone it. It taste exactly like a bowl of fruit loops and milk I have just started DIY and only have 12 flavors so I cant really make anything right now. :frowning:

Did you try one of the others?


There’s also a thread on different fruit loops juices on reddit:

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Sorry Smiley61 didn’t realise you had already seen that one. hope those other links work out for you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @daath and @sublime because of you guys I am willing to take the leap and try to come up with my own fruity loop recipe :smile: I’m slowly ordering flavors from wizard labs since there the sample size. Will you guys give me advice on where to buy flavors when I move up to the larger quantities (1-4 oz)? I’ll look for a post on here to ask more in depth questions regarding the flavor supplies etc…

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Sounds good :smile: I am in Europe, so I can only repeat what I’ve heard about sources - TPA sells in bulk from their own website, quite cheap - you just need to register.

ECX has a bunch of bulk flavorings - among those Flavour Art (my favorite) :smile: Check the resource page on ELR for discount codes - ECX is ELRECIPES I think (most are).

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TPA is good. However I’ve found order allot at once to get best bang for buck shipping. TPA has much cheaper prices as you are getting it from the source. But like I said, shipping is kind of high, so order allot at once.