[REQ] Heisenberg by Blue Lab Vapors

Been trying to replicate the citrus menthol vape from Largo, FL. Would appreciate some help isolating some of the flavors. Costs a fortune to get it to Canada and one of my favorite vapes. Might be a certain combination of lemon, grapefruit and orange, hard to say.

Thanks in advance.

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There are a lot of heisenberg clone in the recipe part of the site. This one http://tjek.nu/r/82MW i think you should try first. Good luck @Blazer55


Thanks, I am up for trying new things anyways. But this juice was not berry, I have some new flavors coming that I hope will help find what Im looking for.

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I make the Heisenberg at Blue Lab. Unfortunately I am using a friends log in. Email me and I can help you out with pricing and shipping to Canada. Email me off the website contact form. Sorry, but can not give out the recipe. None of the ingredients mentioned in the reply are in there. Also, it has around 12 ingredients. We mixed up sample for public tasting and when they chose the best out of 3 samples, we took that and put out 3 more samples based off that for the next week. We did this week after week until we hit what was final. That was a fun flavor to make.

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I think you’re trying to reach @Blazer55 man :smile: