[REQ] Heisenberg by Innovape

Heisenberg by Innovape.

I am looking to re-create this but frankly put, I simply cant get it right, anyone have any suggestions or know of a good clone out there?

No idea what it is - I just did a search to find out - Blueberry, bubblegum thing? I don’t get why the vendors add coloring to their liquids :frowning:


Nor do I, but the juice itself tastes amazing, and the better half is insisting I perfect this. I feel like Jesse trying to keep up… :smiley:


Can you describe the taste better than my poor “blueberry and bubblegum”? :smiley: Because it sounds like a vape I would like! I think grape was mentioned as well…

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Honestly, I tried it maybe 3 hits, and it tasted like blueberry and cotton candy, real sweet almost sickly so. But it had some undertones like juicy fruit gum ya know? A mash of fruits. But the two main things I tasted was blueberry and cotton candy. There might have been a after taste of like pear maybe?

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It does sound good, not the overly sweet thing, but the rest :smile:

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I got it!!! A guy at my vape shop who used to hang out in Albuquerque and used Heisenberg a lot… said it was his favorite vape. He tried my clone and said it’s spot on!! So, here ya go… give this a whirl.

for 30 ml:
70/30 vg/pg - I don’t use nic, so if ur gonna put nic in, the flavor will change.

Blueberry, .4 ml (capella) or 8 drops
Blueberry Jam, .4ml (capella) 16 drops
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, .4ml (capella) 8 drops
Jelly Candy .4ml or 8 drops (capella)
Green Apple, .8ml or 16 drops (capella)
Spearmint 1 drop…(capella)

literally… only one drop per 30ml or it will be too much mint… gives it that menthol breath. I’m going to try this with cool mint and creme de menthe… I think the creme de menthe will be best but I didn’t have any when I made this.

It’s a great shake n vape and even better after a week… this is my all day every day vape now… I make it 8 oz at a time… the recipe for 8 oz is a little easier to follow.:
Take an empty 8 ounce bottle ad put 90ml PG in there (3 oz) - then add the flavor:
13.5 ml Capella Green Apple (yep, the whole thing)
9ml Capella Blueberry
9ml Capella Blueberry JAM
4.5ml Capella Jelly Candy
2.25m Capella Spearmint
6.75ml Capella Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy
cap the bottle and shake it to death until it’s all full of bubbles, and the flavors don’t rainbow around in there… once it looks really nice and blended, top up the bottle with VG, leaving enough room to shake and have a go again until it looks well mixed. Vape that and tell me what you think. I’ve gotten rave reviews so far… I know you all will love it.

Just a heads up, this is not a clone for Heisenberg the Blue. It seems too much apple and not enough slushy.

Ever happen to find the true recipe for Innevape’s Heisenberg the blue (Menthol)? I’ve found a few variations but not a solid lead. Made 2 other versions I’ve seen floating around but they seem to be for vampire vapes…which I’ve never had so Idk if its even close to Innevapes. I’ll know when they are done steeping.
Still looking for the type of Menthol they use too…I’ve tried a lot of variations with the crystals so far. Koolada is in this coming batch

im still loking for this as well as any other innevapes clones (great company)

Ok thanks. I can’t seem to even figure out the menthol they use. I did get a close variation of innevapes “vape my day”. It’s non menthol but not yet perfected.

No luck at all on this one.

cool mint
I bellieve that’s what theyre using to get the menthol effect.

would u mind sharing the vape my day recipe? I’d love to try it! Also any other close attempts at any of their (innevapes) premium juices! thanks!!

If you don’t taste a mint, or menthol taste, but it has a cooling effect, you can try FA Polar Blast. It’s an amazing flavoring because it gives you a cooling effect without changing the flavor of the juice it’s in.

I cook with Chinese spices a lot, and when I’ve vape heisenburg flavours I can taste Star Anise. That might be what’s missing, wouldn’t recommend using more than two drops it’s a strong flavour.

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