[REQ] Help Please. Looking for Uptons - Medusa Clone

Can anyone help me with Upton’s - Medusa Clone please?

Hi everyone. I am rather stuck on a clone I am trying to make. I am pretty new to DIY as I cant stand paying out of the nose for my ADV.
I am looking for a Medusa Clone by Upton’s. It is like a blackberry lozenge but with aniseed. I have tried and failed to nail it.
Could anyone please give me a little bit of advice please?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Is this what your after?

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@MikeRuby01 Join the club! As a fellow Newb I know the frustration of seeking success on clonage or any success making your own juice. Be sure to read up on steeping etc because the main misconception in DIY is “Shake n Vape”. Most flavors need time to mature and taste totally different over several weeks in the bottle.

My recommendation (respectfully) is search here for “Newb” (upper right) where you can read a long list of woeful posts from fellow beginners and a long list of great (detailed!) advice. Saving money is possible, but the best way is to learn all the things to not do, so you don’t become discouraged and find yourself pouring out product The truth is we could give you the exact recipe and it might not be enough information to get the result you desire. Welcome aboard bro!

So much truth to this!

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No mate, it’s not this one. It’s like a blackberry with Menthol and aniseed. I’ve seen this recipe before when I was looking… thanks for responding though. It’s a pretty simple recipe I think. Oh well, I’ll have to keep trying lol

Hi Bo. I’ve had a good read on various forums, Web sites etc. I have made many juices, with all the different steeping methods ( I find a good shake, a hot bath until late the water cools, another good shake, the pop it in the dark and taste once a week until it’s right). As is expected, I’ve had some nasty juices but ive also had quite a few good juices too (a few mates and family members lovvvve my mother’s milke :laughing:.

It’s just that I can’t pinpoint this uptons Madusa. It’s driving me mad lol. Maybe someone will see this post and have a few tips for me.

Uptons ejuice is highly recommended… if your paying for juices


Thanks @MikeRuby01 I try to be gentle as we have never met. I just sold my home, and the process blocked my DIY for months. I have been learning alot buying commercial juices and analyzing what I liked about each and mixing them together. I just made a huge flavor/nic/VG buy and look forward to putting that experience into my next level of DIY.

Commercial juice cloning? There were a few things I believe to be true. The names and descriptions are not necessarily true. A main goal being to thwart cloning. Most juices have bases which include saline (search for “saline” on ELR). I can tell because it clears my sinuses/nose and has a certain body within a juice.

Alcohol. Pretty sure many commercial juices are adding alcohol and distilled water as a way to thin and modify Max VG and aid steeping (search ELR for “Vodka”). Some flavorings have alcohol, but I’m talking about adding 1% like a flavoring. I can taste these adds and I like them, and I think they are some of the secret ingredients that set commercial juices apart and defeat clonage.

So don’t focus on what they say is a flavor profile as you may have experienced when you mix a couple 3 flavors together and get a whole new taste. Imagine the original Juicemaker hitting on that special combo, and having that Eureka! moment “They’ll never figure this one out!”. I think this is the biggest challenge and the main blocks when trying to “nail it”.

Notice everyone is so nice on ELR :wink: We share our successes and failures. Sometimes the failures are more important for us ALL, and will get you lots of valuable advice. This is what makes this place different from those other forums :wink:

So again welcome, and remember to share it all. I have a couple clones I’m working on and it’s amazingly difficult. When I look online no one has successfully cloned many recipes. Ask yourself why that is? They’re tricky is why! And remember most of all that you could have your own Eureka! moment on this journey …and actually come up with something new/better to make you forget …whatshisname.


Well I hope the move wasn’t too bad an experience mate… I’ve had a few bad moves over the years haha.

You have just given me an idea to try, I’m liking the distilled water idea because, woooo, medusa clears my sinuses like I’ve just put my head over a hot bowl with a gallon on vics in it haha.

Thanks for the idea, I’ll try that. I have tried vodka in my recipes (actually, I tried it on my first batch) but without much success. I think I’ll try vodka again now I’m a little better with my mixes.

I have put a couple of recipes up on ELR but I’m not confident enough yet to put my unfinished juices up.

Thanks for the help and advice. I’ll keep trying until I manage to get a little bit closer to my desired flavour


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