[REQ] HELP! Wanted for Coastal clouds traveller clone

Does anyone have a Coastal clouds traveller clone?

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Any help would be appreciated. Intermidate DIY and awere of steep etc etc

Desc from https://www.coastalcloudsco.com/shop/eliquid/the-traveler/
Refreshing Italian ice bursting with sweet blood orange, tropical mango and tart lemon.

Real Flavors blood orange is very good, I like Inawera and Flavorah mango, and I don’t use a lot of lemon but Flavor Express (ECX flavors) has one that is very popular. I have no idea what to suggest about the “Italian Ice” part. Maybe some lime and koolada. Here’s a list of orange, mango, lemon recipes that might get you started in the right direction.

Italian lemon Sicily, koolada/menthol mix for cold/slushie/ice
I second Blood Orange, and sour/tart for the tart