[REQ] Help with Azul BERRIES by Naked 100

Anyone who can help me with a clone of Azul Berries by Naked 100?


Azul Berries - Naked 100 Cream E Liquid
Naked 100 Cream E Liquid delivers a smooth vanilla cream with a lovely touch of blueberry to jazz it all up.
Primary Flavors: Cream, Blueberry


Here’s where I would start.


Ok. No raspberry?

I found this:
Imagine the perfect sweet, slightly tart flavor of fresh Blueberries and
Raspberries with a dollop of rich, sweet cream in a vapor"

Have to say that i am new on this :slight_smile:

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Personally I would reduce the Blueberry Wild (TPA) to 7% in mix
Add Raspberry Sweet (TPA) @ 3%
Then test after a 14 day maturation period.
If the Raspberry isn’t to your satisfaction, adjust up or down accordingly :+1:


i havent vaped this Azul berry but i have been liking this

drop the AP and the Biscuit and you will have a very good blueberry and cream or keep it how it is and its greeeeeat


Yup. Screen shotted this.

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I have tried according to your tips, not correct, pretty close, something missing. The taste is a bit bitter and not as fruity. Is it bavarian cream or maybe raspberries that do it?


I posted that recipe 1 day ago. I understand your initial concern & it may have merit. But, this mix needs a period of maturation. I would recommend 10-14 Days. Then taste test once again. Remember what I said “Here’s where I would start.” You might have a need to tweak your percentages.


You need to steep the juice first for 10 -14 days so all the flavors really mix together.

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Ok. Be Calmfors yes :wink:
I know it’s getting better with time, but a test to make an initial assessment should work well? Or does it change so much with steep?
So patienter is my best friend :grin:

You will find that some recipes benefit greatly from a period of maturation. Some are delicious off the shake. You may see a tremendous benefit from allowing this mix to develop over a 1 -2 week time frame. Or you might just have to adjust your percentages. Recipes are written suggestions of what is appealing to One individual DIYr. That particular recipe comes highly recommended. But it may be “Not the Droid you are looking for.” Star Wars reference :slight_smile: