[REQ] Help with Reds apple clone

I’ve tried many variations of Apple flavoring. I I know it has pear in it I can taste it. However, I cant nail it down to even come close. Any suggestions and/or help would be nice and greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

I’m assuming this is what you’re looking for…?
“Reds Apple E-Juice by Vape 7 Daze is a delicious crisp red apple flavor, that will remind you of your favorite apple juice.”

Crisp makes me think fa fuji or cap double apple, apple juice makes me think of fa stark or inw two apples.

What have you tried so far?


Hoping to invigorate this old clone request. I’ve been struggling to nail the Apple Reds from 7 Daze myself and haven’t been able to make that apple flavor pop.

Here’s the MFG page: Reds Apple Ejuice

Tried this recently: Reds Apple Clone and the hint of apple flavor is there. It’s just not enough. I’ve tried a few other combinations but am pretty new to this.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!!

I would suggest ditching the sweetener mixing everything at half the % you have. You may find that with less flavourings you actually get more flavour - I suspect you are getting muted taste due to the amount (of course I could be way off base).

Once you have flavour then add the sweetener if you find it is required.

I am sure there are a bunch of people who have tried the original juice and could be more helpful.


I wholeheartedly agree. Halve or even quarter all those flavors and you might have the start of something really nice! Stark is an awesome apple juice/cider flavor but in my experience can mute itself over 2-3%.


Thank you! Will try greatly reducing the concentrations and eliminating the sweetener next.

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Think I figured out the recipe. For sure, it is FlavourArt Fugi Apple, and FlavourArt Pear.

To make the Iced version, of course it’s up to you what you want to use, but I used TFA Koolada at 0.25%. Any menthol will do. I assume Reds has FA Arctic Winter (menthol) in it.

So for the Iced version, it looks like this:
6-8% FA Fugi Apple (preference is 8%, but is prolly a little too strong for some people, so 6% should do it)
1.5% FA Pear
0.25% TFA Koolada

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I’ve never had the original but if yours is close then maybe this will be as well.

Is it like a menthol or cold ‘feeling’ flavor or just juicy?

“Red’s Apple eJuice by 7Daze is a stellar recreation of the wildly popular Selfie Sunday, presenting a crisp and succulent slice of sweet red apple in a bottle”…

Perhaps find a recipe for Selfie Sunday too?