[REQ] House of Pink - Game of Vapes

Hi Guys,

My friend has asked if I can see about making him some Pink Candy game of Vapes.

Could you be anymore vague in what your trying to achieve with this post lol :+1:t2::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Apologies for that Grubby, Hadn’t relisted I clicked on the send button yet as was awaiting my friend coming back with the tastes he was getting, but he took awaile, I had this open to add more to it, must have closed and send it ny accident lol

Its a Raspberry candy, he way to vague and cant put his fingure on the taste, appart from the Raspberry candy side
There is not much on the web site, and all he can tell me is its a raspberry candy on the bottle somewhere.

This is not enough info but wasnt sure if anyone out there had tried this, Game of Vapes is an american company.
I have found a few other Raspberry recipes on here, don’t have any Raspberry though lol, may have a go at a Strawberry candy one for him to see if its close (but Strawberry not Raspberry) for him, wanna try out the FA Strawberry (Red Touch) or poss use my strawberry stone I did as its very nice and smells just like Strawberry’s, add some cotton Candy maybe a little Sweetener.

Again Apologizes for this post and not taking care when I was closing and awaiting

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I’m just busting ya balls, no need for apologies :wink:

ENYAWREKLAW has a raspberry macaroon concentrate I believe it’s called Rhodonite haven’t tried it yet but everyone seems to enjoy it.


You can buy a 30ml concentrate from chefsflavours for £7.50

You can edit your first post with the second post minus the apologys if you like :wink:

lol I dont mind looking sillly, leaves someone else alone hahahha, was my fault for clicking without thinking lol

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