[REQ] How come nobody can clone Blue Mist by Starbuzz!

Blue Mist from Starbuzz Flavour is a refined and is one of the smoothest flavours you will ever smoke. It’s a flavour similar to cotton candy and a flavour that explodes with thick smoke. (AN ALL TIME CLASSIC)
So they say, i think it taste more like hubba-babba bubblegum & rootbeer with a nice sour throat hit thats bitter sweet and very moreish, but no mint that most other people seem to claim, but all other brands i’ve tried of blue mist have been very menthol with peach and vanilla tones. So can anybody crack this one with a recipe ? . Im not evan getting close with the various concoctions i’ve blended so far, so im reaching out for your input can anybody help.

We don’t do any “smoking” round here my friend :smile:


No smoke in this one my friend, it vapes real nice though 15 or 30ml bottles, i’ve never tried the olds cool stuff your thinking of .