[req] Ice flavours similar to Vapbus, starting with vanilla

Ok, I’ll give it a try to find suggestions of things to try.

I struggle a bit finding the right kind of ice to match the experience I enjoy of the vapbus juices.

I’d be specially keen to reproduce the ice lemon and ice vanilla.

They don’t feel very mentholy, are pretty full on on the inhale with the base flavour and have a light on the inhale, pronounced on the exhale cooling effect.
The label indicates, base flavour, ice cube and double decker bus :slight_smile: Not sure it helps.

My closest yet is my own ice strawberry using @Alisa Berry berry ice.
My recipe is the following:

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Hmmm. No one has responded. I’ve never had the liquid you are talking about.

Did the recpie you posted work? If not what is it missing? The lemon?

That one looks nice. I believe he is looking for lemon and vanilla versions of the same. The base of cactus, the cooling additives and the lemon sicily will work w/ a lot of diff fruits so just good lemon to swap out the SBs. The vanilla looks like more work since since the cactus for moistness and lemon sicliy for the acid fruit pop w/ a vanilla sounds nasty to me but havent tried anything like that. For the vanilla version it may be as simple as the 2 cooling agents and a vanilla w/o cream like vanillin but thats another thread…

My ice strawberry one is really Alisa’s recipe arranged.
Strawberry/lemon/mint is a southern France classic, went for it as I did not have the fancy berry she uses :slight_smile:.
I was not too happy with it originally but after a couple day steep it is pretty good, the overripe strawberry has gone away and it is a slightly cool minty strawberry now.
Yet, it is harsher and less cold than the commercial juice. Will let is steep some more just in case it gets better.

I am indeed wondering how to achieve a nice ice vanilla and possibly an ice lemon (the cooling is very similar).
If I manage to recreate the cooling base for this brand, I am pretty sure I can manage the flavour on top. Vanilla classic FA + shisha vanilla INW for the vanilla, and lemon sicily + cactus for the lemon.


@Chewy is suggesting FA polar Blast on the other thread I am trying very hard not to derail! :unicorn:

I’ll try again. I did at christmas and it tasted very peppery to me.
The 1% median sounds like a realistic starting point ?

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