[REQ] In search of where the Yig doth tread

Hi everyone. I am craving Yig by Grimm Kvlt so bad and living in Switzerland it seems impossible to get my hands on. It’s either out of stock or nonexistent. I can’t even find it on the Namberjuice site.

It is described as follows:
“Where The Yig doth tread, no man tread tomorrow. Blackcurrant harvest of oatmeal cookie and custard.”
It is a 70/30 VG/PG blend.

So it’s obviously three main elements in play here:

  • Black Currant
  • Oatmeal
  • Custard

I feel like I’m getting close but can’t quite get the custard nor the black currant to have the same notes as the original.

The original has a strong oatmeal cookie base with an almost juicy black currant top note and a light custard finish, in memory… It’s been a while since I last had the real thing.

Any help in getting this closer to the real thing would be greatly appreciated.
See recipe:

One love and keep vaping!


That is a Grimm Green ejuice… You have tasted it, and you say you are cloning it and are having issues

From one of the websites:

Nick Green, known as Grimm Green online, is a well-known vape YouTuber and entrepreneur. He’s been creating vape videos and vape vlogs since 2009 and has roughly over 338,000 subscribers (and growing!) on his YouTube channel. Grimm Green’s videos cover everything from vaping basics, mods, mech mods and vapor advocacy.

Grimm Green’s " Grimm KVLT " eliquid line has been a hit since its release and Yig is one of our favorite flavors. Yig from Grimm KVLT is a delicious oatmeal cookie and custard blended with a fruity and tart black currant berry flavor. Dessert and custard fans will definitely like the complex layers of smooth custard that compliment the sweet oatmeal cookie flavor. The addition of a slightly sweet and tart black currant taste add another layer of unique goodness.

Fans of this flavor suggest pairing it with your favorite coffee, tea, or beer. Yig by Grimm KVLT is available in a squeezable 60ml bottle in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths.

Be sure to check out his other two flavors: Caramel Corpse from Grimm KVLT and Rainbow Sherbet in the Dark from Grimm KVLT. They’re available now in our shop at the Grimm KVLT Collection.

Looks to me, its available here in the states… from the first 5+ links I managed to pull up…
This might be better off in the clone thread… @woftam @Sprkslfly


Not sure where your raisin is…

not sure on those flavors either… INW wasn’t around… neither was fa… and there is a very simple way to make an oatmeal cookie… however… I wouldn’t use all of those flavor manufactures either with flv out… lots of choices and options you have… go with what you know will work… but ya need some raisin in there. :slight_smile:


You sure about that? It’s not in the description, just black currant. Would you add a raisin to support the currant, or are you in the Currant = Raisin camp?


Thanks for the replies and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place :flushed:

I can’t order juice from the states because of shipping and duty, it winds up being horrendously expensive. There was one shop here in Switzerland that carried it but no longer unfortunately. The shops in Germany don’t have any and so yes I am attempting to clone Grimm Greens Yig, I hope this doesn’t break any forum rules but I’m just trying to get some constructive input.

I don’t have a raisin flavour unfortunately but that sounds intriguing. I have used FA Billberry to try and tweak the black currant but didn’t go the direction I was hoping. In my current iteration I have tried FA King, which gets extremely close to the currant in Yig.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

One love and keep on vaping!


I believe that Grim shut down namber juice https://namberjuice.com/ a month or 2 ago so you may find that it becomes less available anyway. Maybe if you contact them they may release the recipes into the wild at some stage.


Raisin. In fact… I would go as far as saying Raisin Rum FLV would fit nice… and I happen to have a recipe with oatmeal raisin… and I happen to love love the van custard flv… js… :slight_smile:


There are a lot of places here that still sell the juice, tho @woftam… not sure if he would really release any of those juices, as I know how special they were to him. I got a chance to meet with him at one of the cons here… he is a super nice guy, I would just be poliet when sending him a note… who knows, he might. :slight_smile:


Why wouldn’t they put that I’m the description!? Ah, well… goes to show I should look further before my foot ends up in my mouth!


there are a lot of juices out there that will not ever list what is in them… why should they make it easy for a diy to clone their juice?? besides… that is what I know is listed… and it might not be in there, or there might be something else missing…

and I do know how to make an oatmeal cookie, with raisins in it and has nothing at all to do with cookies and oats and… yeps… :slight_smile: there are a thousand ways to make a profile what it can be :wink: lmao…

I can promise you… my boss has the (mine) recipe for just this… an oatmeal cookie… dumped in rum custard sauce and a magical frosting… and there is only 4 ingredients… :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess this is why I say… get to know your flavors… play with them…
know what they can do and what they wont :wink:


Not a worry! We have friendly folks around here that can help out with things like that. The main reason to put it in the right place and edit the name of the topic is so you can get the right eyes on your request.

I’ve heard this one is a winner and I’m pretty sure Chef’s delivers to all of the EU. Best of luck on this flaventure!


on the reviews I read they say it’s an oatmeal raisin cookie :slight_smile:


Nocturne said the same thing about their recipes. They still have shops that sell them even though you can’t buy the juices online from them anymore… they couldn’t give out the diy for that reason :frowning:


I have recipes that wont ever see the light of day that I mix for folks too…
I know how it is, and its how I mix too…


Thanks everyone for the input. Thank you Smoky Blue, I’ll have to check your oatmeal cookie and see if I could possibly build on that. I’d have to make quite the flavorah order first though :wink:

The Cap Sweet Currant could be just what my mix needs to help the black currant get more sweet, syrupy and upfront.


Good luck! :slight_smile:

btw… I love blood oranges… they just give a new meaning to yum yum :slight_smile: