[REQ] iVape Vapor Dragon Ball

Hello, new here and really liking e-LR!!

I have a clone request if possible… I’ve searched here, the web, and at the e-LR recipe site and haven’t found anything specifically related to my topic.

The first juice I had (after the wretched cigarette flavor I thought I would need to quit smoking) was a flavor called Dragon Ball by iVape Vapors out of Minneapolis. I got it locally while on a trip there and I remember it very fondly. Has anyone had this juice, or know of a clone recipe? Same story as usual, it’s a very expensive juice and shipping is almost the same as the cost of the juice, and I can’t justify a purchase.

Thanks in advance.

If you could give the flavor profile, it would be easier for somebody to point you in the right direction.

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Well, their website says only “Dragon fruit mix”. I’m hoping someone is familiar with it. I haven’t had it in over two years, and I was really green then and really didn’t understand flavors like I do now, so I really don’t know how to describe it from a profile perspective. I just don’t know what recipe I could find that is a close match unless it says it is a clone of this. A full-on shot in the dark, I know.

TPA has a flavor call it dragonfruit have you try it? And welcome to ELR!

From TPA web site
It is a mellow fruity flavor with tropical accents.

Μaybe is a good start point.

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Thanks and yes I have it, and like it a lot. I’ve been mixing for over a year; just new to e-LR. I’ve used DF in a number of recipes with success and like what it brings to the party, especially with strawberry. This is a specific clone request I’m hoping to hear about.

Loving this place so far. I’ve gotten some really good ideas and looking forward to many more. Having 100+ concentrates sounds like a lot, but it seems nearly every recipe I find still has something I don’t have! Never ends.

*Edit, actually I have CAP Dragonfruit, not TFA, sorry.

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Where do you live?

The juice is still available for $9.99 for a 30ml bottle.


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St. Louis. Shipping is nuts.

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Yikes. $15 for 0mg nic.

Even at $25 total it may help you in your quest to clone it. Without a base to go on it will be difficult, or should I say more difficult, to clone.

I understand that you are looking to see if anyone has tried it and attempted to clone it but it looks like it could possibly be a house blend juice. The description is lacking in detail from the web page.

Possibly get some dragon fruit flavors from different companies and single flavor test them. Also you can check for some dragonfruit recipes in the ELR database.

Try to find some trusted and good mixers and use their recipes.


Agreed. And I’m glad I posted what I mean in a way that makes sense. That’s not always the case! Appreciate the replies.

Now, if only someone has a real live clone. It is to dream…

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