[REQ] Johnson Creek Wisonsin Frost (pre-FDA regulated)

Hi all,

I’m new here. I’ve been dripping JC’s Wisconsin Frost since I quit smoking in 2012. It got me off analogs and I’ve steadily whittled down from 2.4mg to .6mg thanks to Wisconsin Frost!

Problem is, the FDA regulations in August caused a couple of JCs suppliers to back-out of the vaping industry and their new formula tastes nothing like the original Wisconsin Frost.

Looking for some advice on how to clone the original formula, or if anyone has had success in doing so. Thanks!


If you can give an explanation of the flavors, someone might have some ideas for you. Fair warning though, cloning is extremely difficult and time consuming. Since that brand has since changed their formula, have you tried contacting them to see if they’ll tell you which brands they used before? They might not, but it can’t hurt. :slight_smile:

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@Chris95 welcome. There is so much to know about DIY and we don’t know your level of skill mixing juice. I can say it may be time to expand your horizons. We hear similar stories daily and DIY is your best hope, maybe your only hope …and E-Liquid-Recipes is a serious resource. Being successful making your own juice is another story and requires much reading and smart purchasing to reach the goal.

Expanding your horizon? There must be a ton of menthol tobacco recipes on here and I guarantee you can find one you like even better! I’m also sure I’ll be followed by some expert examples. Here’s an interesting post from Reddit re: your product. I have to guess they switched core flavors to eliminate Acetoin and that’s why the change. The reddit article gives some alternate commercial juices you could try, but I bet there are some simple mixes you could make …with the right tools and knowledge.


@VapeyMama thanks for the response. The flavors I know it contains are tobacco & spearmint (what they state in product description). What I can taste in addition is almost a hint of vanilla and caramel. It’s hard to explain beyond that but the aroma is the most unique aspect of this juice. It smells and tastes minty without being menthol or artificial (if that makes sense). Good advice on contacting JC, which I did this morning. We’ll see if they’re willing to divulge even the basic flavor percentages.

@BoDarc thanks for the response and welcome! My skill at mixing is complete novice, so I appreciate all of the feedback you (both) provided. Thanks for the link to the Reddit as well. It’s crazy how I literally saw Wisconsin Frost as the perfect juice (vaped it exclusively for 4 years) and the formula change could be so drastic. IMO they shouldn’t even be able to market it as the same flavor.

Any way, I’ll definitely check into some of the other flavors mentioned in that thread, and start doing research about DIY. Thanks to both of you for your input (and to anyone else who chimes in)!


I’ll second that. I came on here just wanting to clone the two juices that I loved and very quickly realized that a) it was next to impossible to do so with my beginner skills, and b) I found SO MANY new mixes that ended up blowing those two out of the water.


I also have been vaping JC Wisconsin Frost & Tundra since I started vaping back in 2010. I’ve been vaping before it was “cool” & trendy… lol
I too feel they should NOT have been able to label it as the same flavor since they completely changed the recipe.
Have you found ANYTHING close tasting to Wisconsin Frost or Tundra? (if you ever vaped Tundra)

I know I have found just recently a flavor that I have been MISSING from JC juice in a vape juice made by Micro Brew Vapor called “One Eyed Turtle”.
I mix this with 1# a menthol & 2# a juice called (caramel/ hazel nut/ Frappuccino) from a local guy.
I mix each tank really, sometimes I put it all in a bottle but I like the control better per tank for right now…
I hope you have good news on anything else out there, you are the 1st person I have encountered that is searching like myself, so I hope you have figured something out. Maybe between the both of us we can get it close… Thank you for your time & hope to hear from you soon.

curious if you ever found a new juice like frost or tundra .I just ran out of frost last night Iv been buying it from all over the world .

I was a Johnson Creek tabacco fan back in the day of V2 cig-a-likes. Their juice was very thin, too thin. I did not do any DIY myself at the time or I would have fixed up the viscosity ( I hope I’m using this right ) to my liking. I have always wondered if they were using N.E.T. tobacco? None of their juice seemed to be the flavor concentrated most commonly available and used in DIY. I bet I have a small amount lying around. I know I have some empty, small sample bottles still.

I used to love JC’s Red Oak line of tobacco’s! I wish I could get my hand on some of the originals now. They were very unique.

Issue is those flavors and compounds have been cancelled, so you might end up close, but not a straight clone.

You might want to look at tfa tobaccos and either lo tfa fw mints… best I can give… as I haven’t mixed with those brands in many years now.