Hi all
Has anyone tried cloning the orange and lime marmalades from The Jam Vape Co?
Its shot to stardom here in Australia and comes from the UK from Juice Sauz, looking to try and start it but just cant pin down the starting points for a marmalade.
These and the blackcurrant jam are just the shiz plus they’ve just released the Drifter Sourz range as well.


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If it was me, I would base it on rindy agrum flavours. For orange I am thinking shisha orange inw, maybe a touch of the fa orange as well. For the jammyness, probably sweetener and there are some jam additives around ( including fa).
For lemon, I am less sure. There is a FA UK citrus peel if my memory serves me right. Could do the same trick with it. A bit of grapefruit could give you the bitterness if you need more.
If too bitter, simply reduce dosage and/or add more juicy version of fruit. Maybe some lemon Sicily or a softer orange.
A touch of lime to bring sour forward. A touch of cream, or a soft lemon like the one from FE to smooth it up.

I would wait for better advice than mine before ordering flavours though.


FA also has a bitter wizard if you’re after the bitterness in marmalade, so no need to grab those citrus flavors for it if the end result doesn’t call for it (e.g. an apricot marmelade)