[REQ] Jungle Juice One Shot?

Hey Folks,

Running out of some Jungle Juice (FW) but was curious if anyone had ever found a recipe to a Jungle Juice oneshot?

I know they have oneshots available but I got alot on base ingredients on-hand and thought it would have been found by now.

Thanks in advance.

Because it combines the acidic juice flavors of pineapple, orange, grapefruit, grape, apple, and has hints of watermelon in it, Jungle Juice is sure to give you a varied juice-themed vape whenever you want it. with a subtle menthol kick!

I use it for a Thug Candy/Thug Juice I’ve been tracking and i know JJ is one of those hate it or love it, and in my case, I cant get enough of it. haha :slight_smile:

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This recipe is marked as private!

*Edit, fixed thanks. Out of curiosity, am I reading this wrong or did you just answer your own query?

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One that I found, this was an old recipe for a Thug juice (which is apparently all that Jungle Juice was rumored to have been the sole ingredient. (at a very high percentage)

This was a very popular juice (one of my favorite ones years ago), and back before one-shots and etc were popular, this was a commercial juice I would buy right from MBV.

I posted it for as a beacon and an APB for this one shot


You may need to adjust the percentages, but if you are looking for an exact clone, MBV uses Flavor West:
10% Grape.
10% Watermelon.

But I’ve had better success with The Perfumer’s Apprentice:
10% Grape Juice.
10% Watermelon.

Good luck!
-Bombies (Reddit)