[REQ] Just Chill - Desert Ship clone needed, help!

Hi there…I’ve found my ADV a couple of years ago, here in Florida at a small chain BM…but they keep running out! And that has led me to DIY (as well as making and trying other flavors, thanks ELR!) but I’ve made about 6 or 7 small batches, different %s from 1%-5% with FA and 3-7% with Hangsen…and I have some others brands coming from Wizard Labs…but so far NOTHING comes close to this SWEET, maple syrup like as close to a Camel analog that I’ve found!
…and it’s killing ME!!!
I’ve had a couple of RY4’s that were too sweet in comparison(mom and pop smoke shop was closest, but still like straight up maple syrup in smell).
Just Chill’s house brand is a dark amber, orangish, brown.
And it’s more on the caramel side rather than maple syrup with a hint of that DS spice kick.
I’m convinced they use a colored nicotine, as the higher the nic the darker the color.

Any help would be appreciated!
Currently suffering w an 18mg bottle when I usually take a 10mg, ugh! So much for stocking what sells! (sounds too much like work, I guess)

PS, nice recipies HarrySmooth! Classy shop too! (another unrelated local vape shop, who I notice is a member here)

Not knowing anything about the flavor aside from what you’ve said, I can only offer some basically anecdotal comments.

You said a couple of RY4’s that were too sweet. The TPA RY4 Double doesn’t really come across that sweet to me. If you haven’t had that I think it’s worth a try. It’s great on its own but pairs nicely with many things such as creams and caramels (caramel is part of this one). I’ve always found the tobacco taste in it to be more along the lines of a cigarette than other types of tobaccos, so perhaps you’re onto something with that flavor. As for maple - they could be using it and if so I would imagine in very small quantities. It’s one of those flavors that works very nice in low doses but will overtake many flavors if used too strong.

This is the nature of the beast with nicotine. It does color over time and the stronger the nic, the more oxidization will happen, hence the darker color. That’s why you find many zero nic liquids sold that are clear, and why (back when for me anyway) those 24 / 36 mg liquids would turn very, very dark.

There are some great minds here. I would say sit tight and someone with far more experience than myself will say something that clicks in your head. Good luck!


I have RY4D on the way from Wizard, due likely wednesday

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I’m not familiar with it. I don’t know if it’s repackaged TPA or their own flavor.

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It’s TFA’s RY4 Double, sorry for the confusion

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Tfa ry4 type 1 is a big fat swing and a miss, huge eucalyptus and clove notes after several shakes and a warm bath in my crock pot mini.
This one ain’t it, yet, but I don’t see it transforming into anything similar.

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I love the TPA RY4 Double. It’s one of those that I always keep in stock and mix it in all sorts of things. It’s mildly sweet and caramelly with a little bit of what seems like soy sauce to me. LoL. I don’t know how else to describe it, but I love it. TPA’s maple syrup is pretty decent. I’ve not tried any other vendor’s though so can’t really comment whether it’s the “best” out there.

Check out some of @Jimk’s recipes if you’re looking for a tobacco-y recipe. He and @Josephine_van_Rijn are the tobacco gurus. :wink: Also, nicotine strength can definitely have an affect on the color. I’ve made different strength batches of the exact same recipe for me (3mg), my sister (6mg) and my mom (18mg) and the higher nic always wind up a lot darker.

I hope you find what your after, something just as good, or maybe something even better! :smile:


Thank you both for your suggestions and help.
I’ve got tpa Asian and double RY4’s on the way, and type 1 on to steep for as long as need be…I will keep chasing this flavor I’m after, and having fun w other flavors along the way.
This site is an excellent resource!

FWIW, the 48% nicotine I received from RTS Vapes has had zero impact on color or taste thus far, no matter how many hot baths or durations of steep. I like this stuff.
BUT I’m running out and I hope the stuff I got from Wizard to be similar. fingers crossed

I’ve got 2 of the Inawera types on the way with the TFA RY4D…among a few other flavors.
[Edit]…oh you deleted your message about Inawera

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I have Desert Ship by Inawera. I mixed that at 3% and forgot I had it so it steeped two months. The colour is just like you describe it, dark amber, orange brown. Ever tried that one? It is slightly sweet but not too much and I suppose you could say it has a caramel note to it.

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Awe man…now that’s what I’ve been dying to hear, that I’m on the right track.
…but I guess if I buy enough samples I’m bound to get there, b or there abouts.

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I hope so, let us know how it turns out.

Had a buddy come over and I wound some coils for his 2 RDAs, and rewicked mine…he’s familiar with my usual ADV “desert ship”…and we had a nice laugh at the stuff I’ve let steep for weeks, which we both agreed is “unvapable” even at 1%…and I pulled out the last of my “mom an pop smoke shop” ry4" I had stashed away (from bout a year or more ago)…dripped that on top of my 1% DS sample batch, and we both agreed “that’s pretty damn close!”…so I remain optimistic and hopeful.
Sadly it looks like it may be Friday before my new flavors arrive…and that’s only if US PS doesn’t pull any of their slow shinanigans as they have been lately…and Wizard is literally less than an hour away (order placed on sunday).
Again, GREAT community here, thanks for the help and helpful suggestions.
By far, my favorite forum EVAR!!!


Mind if I vent and explain how I came to diy?
…let’s assume you don’t mind lol

This BM Just Chill I have been frequenting since the shop opened 2 years ago…I found my ADV and have stayed true…I’ve tried others but their house brand “Desert Ship” has hit the spot and scratched that itch and has kept me smoke/analog free for a long time now.
…and then they run out of my strength and offer to mix me their “PREMIUM” in front of me…I’ve fallen for this 3 times in the past, and each time TOTALLY inconsistent.
I like their house brand DS because to me, it tastes closest to a Camel Light(on a good day), hints of caramel, sometimes vanilla, sometimes sweet with a decent throat hit.
BUT these guys run out of my strength 10mg, and often. I’ve let them mix me their premium and it’s too pale and too sweet, needing time to steep at best.
I give up on “premium”(double the price no less) for its lack of consistency. …and I begin to buy 1 bottle of 24mg and 3 bottles of 0mg and mix my own 10mg out of this. So 4 bottles every 2 weeks…for almost 2 years.
NOW all of a sudden they decide to start carrying flavors from different manufacturers, no more house brand at all, only the inconsistent “Premium”(at a premium).
After raking my throat with “only 18mg left” I decide to bite and go in today and go premium…I wanted zero to mix/dilute my previously purchased 18mg that’s killing me (and to avoid analogs).
“What nic level do you want?”
"Oh we only have 6mg base left"
I opt for this, go home, mix, clean and rewick, load up…vape and get a spearmint and wintergreen taste that overpowers EVERYTHING.
I think “cross contamination”…take my own vg based siringe and ask for just base flavor juice…dude fills me up 5 ml and says “here”…and I’m like “wtf? I’ve been here 3 times this week to get something vapable!”
…and no he gives me 10 ml and says "here but I’m going to get in trouble now!"
Go home, mix(with my own vg), clean, burn, rewick, fill and vape…only to taste spearmint and wintergreen AGAIN, GOTDAMNIT!!!
I call them up and tell them to dump their base and if or them about cross contamination and reusing siringes with multiple flavors and how rinsing in water isn’t going to cut it between customers for “PREMIUM” at mora than twice the price for my normal, consistent ADV!!! WTF? OVER???

I call HARRYSMOOTH’s and ask if he’s got an RY4 just before he closes, go there and score his mix of RY4 Double (and it’s nice, atleast vapable), clean, burn, rewick, fill and vape…for eff ’ s sake!!!(…today just isn’t white boy day!)

Can you feel me???

And here is the kicker:
For 2 years I’ve purchased “20 ml bottles” from this effing place…have you EVER SEEN 20 ml bottles anywhere? I’ve searched…all I find is 15 ml bottles, wtf, right???
I fill their “20 ml bottle” with water and dump it into my new glassware…15 ml bottles files to the cap…17 ml at best! Eff me, they’ve been ripping me off an entire tank full for every bottle for 2 years now!
AND it gets better! For “Premium” they fill the bottle 3/4 of the way up (for twice the price) and call this 15 ml!!!
I hate this GOTDAMN place and I’m never going back!!!
DIY or die!


I feel your pain. I went through a similar situation myself. I had a tobacco menthol ADV I vaped for nearly a year.

About once a month I’d order 5-6 15ml bottles. Then the sky opened… 15m forl $4. I ordered 16 bottles and I was in vape heaven. I didn’t have to order for 3 months.

What I didn’t know it was a clearance sale. They were selling to a new owner. By then my juice was 3 months steeped and great.

I ordered from the new owners… same log in… same site… different juice. I had 60 mls of nothing. No tobacco or menthol flavor. It tasted like straight vg.

I email them and they sent a bottle of something. I still don’t what it was, but it had too much nic in it and made me sick. I knew I couldn’t order from them again.

I got online looking for menthol tobacco ejuice and ELR popped up. I started reading and found I could make my own eliquid.

I ordered some LA peppermint to mix with my 60ml bottle of nothing. I had no scale and no syringe. I dumped some in and it was terrible… way too strong.

I continued to read and decided to sign up. Thanks to @ringling, @Jimk, @Ken_O_Where and @daath, I made my first vapable juice from an adapted recipe. I haven’t bought a vendor’s ejuice ever since.

Those guys were the difference between vaping and smoking for me. I am very grateful.

Just stay the course and you’ll be mixing some good juice in no time… Good Luck my friend.


I can’t speak for the others but it does indeed feel good that I could help. Don’t think you haven’t contributed to our knowledge though. You also seem to have the knack. Seems to me you have answered a few questions I have had now and then too. It all works out for all of us. One person specializes in one field, others in another. We all gather to learn from each other and it has worked out wonderfully for all…


So many comments in this thread have me sitting here saying to myself, ‘yeah, I know what you mean’…or as Pro said, ‘I feel your pain’. The speed bumps we all hit, that helped guide us into DIY. Like you, 5, I was a Camel (Wide) Light smoker for more years than I want to admit. When I felt cig prices had reached a level that was just too much, I switched to RYO for 4 or 5 years. When I decided to seriously pursue vaping as an alternative, I bounced all over, different shops, looking for that suitable alternative, to the cigs. It took me all of two weeks to come to the conclusion, this is nuts. Dumping lots of $$$ on stuff that was basically…blah.

I took the plunge and invested about $150 into the supplies, and a dozen flavorings, to get me started. I’ve had no need to walk into a vape shop since. I’m mixing juice that is so much more satisfying than what I found in the shops, and for a lot less money per bottle, and the icing on the cake is, it’s a blast. It’s turned into a great hobby. One of the things I enjoy most about my new found hobby, is this incredible group of patient, knowledgeable people here on ELR. The helpful, community spirit here is overwhelming. I have no doubt, you’ll find your answers here.

Lastly, I’m a tobacco flavor lover. In particular, a Hangsen tobacco flavor lover. The ‘Desert Ship’ in your subject, is what caught my eye. I had to dive in and check it out. I’ve found 4 tobacco flavors (so far) that I consider very good, mixed by themselves, as single flavor juices. I wanted them to pass that test, before I started experimenting further, with them. They are Hangsen Desert Ship, Highway, Tab Blended, and #5.
The other 8 flavors (7 tobacco & 1 Caramel Candy, to adjust sweetness here and there) didn’t quite cut it, as good, one flavor mixes. I use those, added in very small quantities, to my 4 ‘base’ tobacco flavors above, to slightly (key word) change the personality of the ‘base’ tobacco. I put myself on a ‘flavor & supplies’ budget, until I felt I have recouped my initial $150 investment. I want to get as much mileage as I can out of the flavors I have. I love the experimenting! I’ve also hit what I consider to be home runs, with some of the blends. Out of the tiny, noobie 12 flavor selection I have, I’ve found 6 mixes that I wouldn’t hesitate grabbing any one of them as my vape that day…and I’m still experimenting, and finding more.

DIY is the way to go, and this forum is the place to be, to help make it a success. This is a wonderful neighborhood we’ve wandered into.


So I got a locally mixed version of the RY4D, and I get what you mean about the soy sauce note. The rest of it is nice and sweet, I like it and can’t wait till my shipment of new flavors comes in so I can mix with it.

BUT, with all that said, a couple of observations about that soy sauce note at the end.
It seems to be very pronounced as the heat rises, if you hold the button down for a full draw it’s there and it’s hard to ignore for long, BUT if you pulse the button this will keep it cooler and all I taste is sweetness and joy!
The on thing I find odd is that the very tip of my tounge is kinda numb after vaping on it through out the day. Initially I thought I’d burnt my tongue on some soup I’d had (but I didn’t recall that happening), then I woke up this morning and took a couple puffs off my alternate vape and I’d forgot about my numb tongue…vaped the RY4D on the way to work and at first break, and there it is again.
Anybody else noticed this???

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It’s the half dozen ADV’s that gets me through a mixing slump, which I’m experiencing at the moment.:pensive: But, knowing that next ADV is just a mixing session away is what’ll get me out of my mixing funk…that, and new flavors that hit the market. :blush: