[REQ] Just Joes Sqezd

Hi all… this is my first post in the forum so go easy on me. I’ve been mixing for around 3 months now and been toying with a clone of just joes sqezd. I’m no clone chaser usually but as it’s my old mans favourite juice and he spends loads on it from the shops I would really appreciate any help with it. The profile is orange lemonade but I get a really sweet, rich fizzy orange lemonade with a meaty back note (possibly pineapple or mango if you get what I mean). Any help or recipies would be greatly appreciated. I thought I had it pretty close on one recipe with the first tank pretty close but after a 2 day steep it changed completely and was nothing like it!

Thanks in advance

Anyone had any joy with this or seen a recipe?


There might be some helpful info in one of these threads? At least you can see what folks are saying about these two flavors and how they are making them work in a recipe or two. :grinning:

Thanks for the reply Kinnikinnick, will take a look :ok_hand::+1:t2: