[REQ] Kegger seven one three

Hello! First post and looking to start diy, for the sole purpose of recreating my new favorite juice. I’m used to VapeWild prices, so this one is getting a little pricey. The juice is Kegger, seven one three. The description from the website is:
Vine-grown New England Concord Grapes freshly harvested and infused with Golden Orange Apricots and a hint of Tropical Pink Lychee. No sweeteners added creating a one of a kind Grape experience.

If anybody has a recipe for this, I thank you kindly.

713 is one of my absolute favorites and I have been paying around with a recipe. It comes pretty close, but I still think it needs some tweaking.

Grape Juice (TFA) 4%
Grape Candy (TFA) 4%
Apricot (TFA) 2%
Lychee (TFA) 2%

Let it steep in a cool dark place for 3-5 days for best flavor.