[REQ] Kohiba Kustard Tobacco

Hello all,

I need a clone recipe for e liquid called Kohiba Kustard Tobacco by Kohiba E Liquids.

Link for the juice for more details about the flavor

The tobacco taste is far from RY4 double and there is no spices, i think FW 555 will fit here (not tested yet, but from the smell of FW 555 i can tell it may work here)

my problem is with the custard flavor, its smell like creme caramel and maybe brown sugar, the taste is not sweet at all.

i heard that LA Creme Caraml is a good flavor, any other suggestions?

may be CAP vanilla custard with Caramel?

I don’t know about the custard but have you tried getting some Cohiba concentrate for the tobacco part?

i am thinking to try it with custard and caramel.

any suggestions for Cohiba flavor from the below companies

Unfortunately they don’t have that. Hangsen does a Cohiba and I think Flavor Monks but that’s it as far as I know.

Tfa have cubano and mild black that supposed to be cigar flavor. Fa have cuban supreme and cigar passion. I’m not very familiar with capella and fw tobaccos though, I’m sorry.

So yes they do have it. Now that I’m a bit familiar with Flavormonks, I wouldn’t recommend them. There are far better flavors out there and usually you need high %'s when using Flavormonks. There are a few flavors I’m going to keep using but thats maybe 10% of what they offer. I never tried their tobacco’s so maybe, who knows…


Thank you all, i will try Cuban Supreme FA with vanilla custard and caramel :+1:


Have a thought about FW Salted Caramel kept low.

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