[REQ] KRSP Strawberry Clone

Hi guys! I am stick with the KRSP Strawberry Rice Crispy Eliquid. I am looking to create this wonderful flavour. Does anyone here able to clone/remix this flavour? :grinning:

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Description states:

Strawberry by KRSP is a Delicious Rice Crispy Treat with a Delicious Topping of Fresh Strawberries to provide a satisfying all-day vaping experience! Enjoy a bottle of Strawberry by KRSP!

What have you tried so far @xiahjunsu87?

And welcome to ELR :+1:


This may be what you are looking for.
Add in Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors) @ 1.5%


Oh and Welcome @xiahjunsu87 to ELR :raised_hand:


i am not too sure. as you know, i am still new to this. :sweat_smile:


thanks mate! :grin:


hi Mark_Turner,i am new in diy e juice,base on the recipes for rice crispies,what is the volume,i mean this recipies is for how many ml bottles? 30 ml,60ml? thanks and appreciate

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Hi @DANNY_LIM the recipe above is for 100mls. The great thing about the Eliquid Calculator on ELR & most Eliquid calculators. Is you can preset your end values for the mix. To answer your question there are 3 columns with values shown in the recipe. Volume, Weight & Percentage. I will post a picture below indicating the Volume column. Let me know if you have any further questions. Good Luck & Good Mixing

thanks mate appreciate it

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