[REQ] Krsp strawberry

hi guys , i just fall in love with krsp strawberry went i was in malaysia 2017 ,after that i never meet this good flavor anymore. i kinda miss this flavour so much since i was move at indonesia i can’t found liquid like this . or similiar with this flavour , maybe some of you know this flavour and have taste it and make the clone of KRSP STRAWBERRY ? i 'm glad to know .



Have you tried searching for a strawberry rice crispy recipe? I don’t know one, but when I’m looking for a recipe similar to a commercial eliquid I’ve had I usually search recipes. Also, you can search flavor notes of ingredients that may fit the profile. Example- rice crunchies TFA, marshmallow (Gooey) WF and some strawberry flavors. Read the notes and look at recipes that have been made with the flavors, you might come up with something similar and try that.
That’s what I’ve done to find certain flavor profiles. My biggest thing is read notes and research, look at other recipes and find what might work best. I’m assuming that’s a strawberry rice crispy treat. So you could start there. ELR home and then search “rice crispy treat”
Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Start by trying to find/buy flavors commonly used in, or sold in Malaysia.

Wrecka/Reka comes to my mind first, but I know there are a few others.

Reka is likely your best starting point though.
VIS does a LOT in Malaysia, and is very popular in the database here.
Super Concentrates would probably be a close third.

Reka is sold as Wrecka at Chef’s Flavours in the UK.

Hiliq also makes a reportedly (according to other members here) great rice flavor.


White Rice …Not rice krispies…at least imo


Honestly… you don’t need a rice krispy flavor for something like this … some sugar cookie cap v2 (3%)… FA Red touch strawberry (3%) with some TFA strawberry ripe (4%) and a nice cream (you know I’m going to save FLV vanilla pudding (1.4%) haha) I’m not even sure you’d need the marshmallow with the pudding but to each their own LOL


Hmmmmm, you sure you don’t have shares in the production of this stuff @authormichellehughes ???
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