Brand Abbreviation List (in progress)

Hey all… thought it was long past due for a public, and “up to date” list of brands and abbreviations.

This list is primarily to help DECODE the current state of things (not to reinforce the acronyms in current use)!!!

This is NOT just for flavor manufacturers (as much as I wish it was), but it includes those who relabel, rebrand, and resell (vendors) too.

It’s a lengthy list, and whlie some are obsolete, there still exists the need to retain them (either for posterity, or because folks might still have some that haven’t gone bad yet).

I’ve spoken to Daath (or at least left a PM) with a reminder for the need to consider/implement a “locking” feature for flavors that have been “retired” or even reformulated. But that of course is as he has time!

My hope is, that with enough input from both:

  • “those privy to” the relevant and accurate information,
    Such as Iummy’s (and others) excellent post(s) here:
    Chefs Flavours Rebranding

  • as well as those who’ve been around long enough to know “forgotten” or uncommon abbreviations (that I’ve either forgotten here, or didn’t know about)

We’ll have a more thorough and complete picture of the state of things, which should help with the continued refining of the Naming Structure, and Layout (both now, and potentially for things to come; IE: “Database 2.0”)

Some of these overlap, and has led to understandable confusion amongst both newbies and veterans alike.

But if “we’re” (cumulatively speaking) not AWARE of the overlap, then we can’t fix, nor prevent it before it happens!!

Fortunately, it seems that the “trend” has been to spell out more and more, so that’s helping to keep things from going into “previously known” but what would otherwise be the incorrect abbreviation (iEG: if CV was previously alone, and was understood to be used for Chef’s Vapours -before the renaming of the company, and some other comes along and has a brand of Central Vapors. Then it’s understandable that a newbie might put his CV [from Central] into the CV [that used to be Chef’s]).

And the above leads nicely into the whole company rename due to legal or marketing reasons…
So now, take that, and get more “convoluted” entries, when Chef’s Vapours becomes Chef’s Flavours, and VOILA! You now have TWO categories for a single company. CF and CV. :roll_eyes: (Sorry Chef’s -I’m really not trying to pick on you guys! But it was the first that came to mind, and serves as a great example! :wink:

I’m going to do this in alphabetical order (for simplicity at the moment)
But I hope to get a revised list(s) done at some point, to show which ones are actual manufacturers (OEM), which are re-branding, and which are resellers. (And whatever other combinations are out there, ie: companies that mix OEM flavors [not finished liquid] and market them under their own name. While they don’t actually manufacture anything, they still count as valid flavors obviously.)


AC - Alchemists Cupboard

  • (frequent alts: TAC. ACub)

A-C - Aristo-CAT

  • (source: thee cigshop UK)

AD - Aromedrops
AiV - Alice in Vapeland (extracts, Albuquerque, NM)

AF - Alternative Flavors
AF - Apex Flavors
(see also: Silver Cloud)

AL - Atmos Lab (Greece)

Aromea - France

AV/BM – Azure Vaping/BlueMist (same company)

AV - Alien Vapor
AV - Aroma Vadisi (Turkey)

Avoria - German
BB - Brewers Best (BCF sells)
BCL - bestcigliquid
BD - Bakers Dozen
BE - Botanic Elixir ( VapourDepot’s MF dilutions)
BEF - Be Flavors
BF - Bakers Flavors
BF - Best Flavors
BH - Bolsjehuset (Danish)
BJ - Big Juice UK (relabels in a MAJOR way)
BM - Big Mouth (JuiceFactory sells)
BM/AV – BlueMist/Azure Vaping (same company)
CAP - Capella (manufacturer)
CB - Cloud Burst (CBE Cloud Burst Effects)
CC - Cloud Corporation (added 5-1-2021)
CCW - Cupcake World (manufacturer)
CF - Candy Flavor (a company name)
CF - Chef’s Flavours
CF - Cyber Flavour (at a Italian distrib, see post 100)
CG - Curt Georgi (manufacturer)
CH - Club House
CK - ClassiKool
CL - Crazy Lab
CM - Coffee Mill
CT – Chinese Tobacco (per ECF)
CV - Central Vapors
CV - Chefs Vapour
DA - Dark Arts (FA rebranded by Dark Star UK)
DD - Dark Delights

DH - Drip Hacks = (previously understood to be FA rebranded. “HackShots” are currently reported as being FA though… June 11 2019)

DIYFS - DIY Flavor Shack (manufacturer)

  • (incorrectly seen as DFS, DIY)

DIYVS - DIY Vapor Supply

  • (incorrectly seen as DIY)
  • also note that “DIYVS uses some fucked up internal abbreviations” (my words)
  • check ELR’s abbreviation list FIRST PLEASE!!

DS - Dark Star
DV - Decadent Vapours UK
ECX - ECigExpress (uses TPA/TFA for Signature line)

EF - Euro Flavour
EGFD – Ella’s Gourmet Flavor Drops (per ECF)
EI - Elixir International
EIS - (German)

  • (seen also as ASM, and Eisaromen)

EJC - EJuicyFlavors
ELFC = (one shots)
ES - Enjoy Svapo
ESS - Essence Flavor Concentrates (per ECF)
EV - Eco Vape (eco-vape UK)

  • (Various ‘unique brands’ including Dripping Flavs, R Dainty’s, VE conc)

FA - FlavourArt (manufacturer)

  • (verify against TFA thanks to inconsistent labelling by certain vendors)

FAF - unknown as yet
FB - Flavour Boss
FC - Flavor Creative (FA rebranded)
FC - Flavor Concentrates
FE - Flavor Envy
FE - Flavors Express (ecigExpress) ECX
FE - Fruit Express (per ECF)
FF - Faerie’s Finest (manufacturer)

  • (sells both extrcts and conc’s, Cali)

FF - Flame Flavour
FF - Flavor Fountain
FF - Flavour Fog
FF - Foodie Flavors
FG - Flavour Genie
FH - Flava Hacks
FJ - Flavour Junkie
FL - Flavor Lab
FLV - Flavorah (manufacturer)
FM - Fab Mix
FM - Flavour Max (rebrand by vendor)
FM - Flavormonks (manufacturer)

  • (seen also as TFM, MON)

FP - Flavor Phoenix (manufacturer)
FR - Flavor Revolution (manufacturer)
FW - Flavor West (manufacturer)
FWSA - Flavour World S.A. (South African Manufacturer)

  • (incorrectly seen as FW, also seen as FSA)

GF - German Flavors (manufacturer)
GJ - Gremlin Juice (one shots line)
GJ - Grumpy Juice
GL - Gourmet Liquids
GLF - Great Lakes Flavour Co (manufacturer, Canada)
GP – Good Prophets (per ECF)
GS - Get Suckered (manufacturer)

HC - Health Cabin (Now sold as Vapelf, manufactured by Magical Flavour, China)

HJ - Happy Juice
HP - Heavenly Puff
HS - Holy Smoke
HS - Hangsen (manufacturer)
HTP - Hit The Pipe!
HV - Heartland Vapes
ICM - Ice Cream Man
INA - Inawera (manufacturer)

  • (incorrectly seen as INW, inna, inno, IW)

INNO - Innovation Flavours (see post #92)
IPRA - (manufacturer, France)
JC - Juice Cabin
JF - Juice Factory (Australia)

  • (they have both SC’s and Gourmet SC’s.)

JF - Jungle Flavors (manufacturer)
JJ - Joose Juice
JV - Jac Vapour
KC - Kickin Clouds
KF - Killer Flavors
KH - Kandi Hed (freq. relabeller)
LA - LorAnn (manufacturer)

  • (also seen as LAN, Laurens, Loraine, LA Oils, Lorrain, and all kinds of other shit: though for NON oil flavors. Please DO NOT include Oils because it’s in the company name. This is how we distuingish that the flavor contains OIL, which is NOT safe for vaping. They’re sometimes listed because some accidentally buy the wrong product!) We know they’re LorAnn Oils. :wink:

LB - Liquid Barn (manufacturer)
LF - Liberty Flights (per ECF)
LIQ - Liquarium
LNW - Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers (House line)
LotJ - Lord of the Juice
LV - Liquid Voyage
M&P - Mom and Pops
Mal - abbreviation seen for Malaysia/Malaya…
MB - Molinberry (manufacturer)
MBV - Mount Baker Vapors (manufacturer)
MF - Medicine Flower (manufacturer)
MFS - MyFreedomSmokes
MGV - Mr Good Vape

  • Also sold by Liquid Barn (but available direct from his site. Leaving both for the moment, but have condensed the majority of outliers into their respective places. Need to merge these into their own since they’re available DIRECT from him, but want to announce it in a post below first…)

ML - Mountain Lakes
MS - Monster Shots UK (comm.based 1 Shots)
MV - Magic Vape
NF - Nature’s Flavors (manufacturer)
NM - Nielsen Massey (per ECF)
NN - Nude Nicotine
NR - Nicotine River (custom made line)
NV - NicVape
NW - Northwest VG (RF VG line rebrand by vendor)
OaD - One and Done flavors
OoO - One On One (manufacturer)

  • (incorrectly seen as 1 on 1 and 101)

OP - One Pound eliquids (UK)

OSDIY - One Stop DIY (manufacturer)

  • (incorrectly seen as OS, OneStop, or just DIY)

P&B - Pope and Brewers (manufacturer)
PUR - Purilum (manufacturer)
RF - Real Flavors (manufacturer)

  • (includes the following lines: VG, extracts, SC, PDO, and Black Label: frequently found under LE [or Limited Edition] which were sold directly from RF)

RK - Reka (REK, Reca, Wreka, rk)
RV - Rainbow Vapes
SA - SolubArome (manufacturer, France)
SC - (used to be reserved for China alone, but this is changing due to other Chinese suppliers coming on board) Also, SEE DIYVS NOTE BELOW!!

SC - Super Concentrate (China)

  • (Xi’an Taima)

SC - Silver Cloud (see also: Apex Flavors)
SCE - Silver Cloud Estates (manufacturer)
SF - Simply Flavor
SIG - Signature (TFA rebrand by vendor)
SM - Seedman (manufacturer)
SSA - Sobucky Super Aromas
SSM - Sasami (Germany)
SSV - Steam Spirit Vapor
STR - Stringer (no idea yet on this one)
SV - Saveur Vape
TDM - Tino D’Milano (manuf. of own line, but also works in conjunction with Inawera)

TE - Tobacco Express (per ECF)
TFCC - The Flavour Concentrate Company
TFF - The Flavor Factory
TFM - The Flavor Monks, FM, MON (see also FM above)

TFP - The Flavor Place
TFW - The Flavour Wizard
TP - Tasty Puff (manufacturer)
TPA - The Flavor Apprentice (manufacturer)

  • (incorrectly seen as FA, appr, prent, perf, and also Signature by ECX) While we use TPA, I’m lobbying for a change in that to TFA as that’s how they’re marketed and sold by the majority of vendors!! As well as the fact that they’re two separate companies! :wink:

Trip - Triphammer
TW - Totally Wicked
Twist - Twist Eliquids
Twisted - Twisted Flavours (German)
TYJ - Think Your Juice

  • (not sure if some are using ‘Think’ as the abbreviation here, or if it’s actually two separate companies as of yet, but noting this down for the moment!)

UC - Urban Cloudz
UKF - UK Flavours (retailer)
VapElf - Health Cabin’s new “brand”
VD - Vapour Depot
VIS - ( Japan and Malaysia (overlap with VS)
VFL - Vape For Less
VM - Vape Mall (uses misc OEM brands, TVM)
VM - Vape Mate
VOW - VapeOWave
VP - Vape Play
VRU - Vapours R Us
VS - (overlap with VIS)
VTA - Vape Train Australia (manufacturer)

  • (seen also as VT, tva, and even VapeTran lmao)

VV - Vampire Vapes
VV - Vista Vapors

  • (seen also as VIS, Vista)

VW - Vape Wild (eliquids)
VW - vapor world
VZ - Vaping Zone (Some are Baker’s Flavors, Russian Company)

WF - Wonder Flavors (manufacturer)
WV - Wizard Vapes

Last updated 2021 May 1

NOTE: adding the following as a “tag” because I’m not yet sure about the abbreviations in use here:

Also note:
Ella’s Gourmet Flavor Drops = Capella (rebrand by vendor High Desert Vapes)


Other sources of conflict:

Vendors using a unique labeling structure.

IE: FA for TFA.

DIYVS using the following:

BD (Bickford)
CA (Capella)
DIY (DIY Expert, AKA DIYFS Expert line)
DL (Delosi)
EF (EuroFlavors)
FH (Flavorah)
FS (Flavor Shack. aka DIYFS)
HA (Hangsen)
IW (Inawera)
JF (Rainforest Flavors aka Jungle Flavors)
LA aka LOR
LIQ (LIQ flavors, aka Liqaurium)
OO (OoO aka OneOnOne)
PA (TFA TPA Signat ‘DIY Apprent’)
RF (Real Flavors SC)
RF (Real Flavors VG)
SC (Sterling Cloud Flavors)


Known Relabelers:

Taken from Iummy’s thread (linked above in blue)

Chefs Flavours Rebranding List:

Chefs Choice = Cupcake World
Flavor Creative = Flavour Art
Lauren’s = Lor-Anns
Wrecka = Reka
Xpress Flavour = ecigExpress (ECX)

And BathVaper (post 22) from that thread says:

Chefs have previously said that the Rebranded range are sourced from several different producers, some of which aren’t available as retail products.


Other important tidbits and asides:

Capella has come out with a RF version (not Real Flavors), but Reduced Flashpoint.

TFA has done similar, but uses the NF (understood to mean Non Flammable), but they actually describe them as “Less Flammable” (probably for legal reasons).

It DOES NOT mean that it’s a Natural Flavor. So please don’t enter Ginger Ale, Natural (TPA). As it doesn’t exist. :wink:


Wonder Flavors has BOTH SC and REG strength flavors. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some overlap…Be careful to check the manufacturer’s site before keying these in please!! (OR when suggesting dupes :wink: chuckles)


reserved :slight_smile:

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I really like the 3 Initials max, and fully support the change from TPA to TFA.

I prefer INW for Inawera, not the current INA.

And of course the few exceptions like DIYFS, OSDIY

Maybe I missed FLV for Flavorah


INW for me too. If you put INW Flavours into google far more results show for Inawera than INA Inawera for instance


Nope. But I did as I was copying things over. lol
Thanks for the heads up!


Great job, nice to see it is really moving forward.

Personally i dont think it is important if things will end up as being INA or INW and so forth, as long as there will be a proper standard, then we just have to get through the transition towards changes.

Anyway, it is a capital i and not lowercase L (iummy) :wink:
This is a very common issue with my nick, too many think it is a L.
I dont point it out hoping you will edit it, your time is better used elsewhere, just pointed it out.


Sorry about that! But appreciate the clarification!

edit: I had to add NR, ECX, and PUR anyways since I forgot more obvious ones. chuckles
So, while I was there… lol :wink:


Waawahwahwow! Thanks for the hard works!


Great work, man! …you got sump’n against Nature’s Flavors (NF)?


Cough Hangsen missing Cough :wink:


Maybe JFA ? for juice factory Au just to avoid confusion with jungle flavours - I dunno just spitballing


My A’s do these help? :
Alice in Vapeland (AiV) – flavors $11.00/30ml
Alien Vapor --Area 51 flavors Florida, U.S.A.
Amoretti Extracts --2 oz. min
Apex Flavors 2oz min, Belcamp, MD
Aroma Ejuice (WTA)
Aromea, FRANCE,
Arte Italiano Flavour ? just bulk FA re bottled?
Atmos Labs - Greece
Avoria - German
Azure Vaping(custom mixed flavors)
I have ~ 23 other letters. Can PM them.


Edit the above post and share away man!
Thank you for your input!

You also have a couple others I’ve forgotten just in the A’s lol.

It also seems that “Area 51” isn’t the only one using the Alien Flavors tag. I know I’ve run across it before in another brand (as a line). But I’ll be damned if I can remember who it was offhand. (Another reason for creating this list, and requesting public help. There’s just TOO MUCH for any one person to try and remember every time)

Sincerely, thank you!


Yes from what I’ve gathered.


Thks again for this and the work cleaning/attempting the DB. It has always been a thought of mine that if decent list existed, few would make mistakes.


Christ,… now I have to update the italian version of the list on our forum….

I won’t say thank you…. :joy:


@woftam already mentioned Jungle Flavors and Juice Factory but the above are also causing confusion.